Postgame Quotes/Notes - Phoenix 81, Storm 79

Aug. 16, 2011


On how the Mercury was able to come back:
They were just posting us deep in the lane on our defensive scheme and we didn’t fight around and got pinned deep and they took advantage of it.

On responding to the loss:
They’re all tough. None of them are enjoyable when you get beat, so we’ll watch this film and we’ll go back to practice and get ready for the next one.

On Sue Bird's turnover on a handoff to Katie Smith:
She just made a wrong read. That stuff happens.


On the meaning of the loss:
It’s a loss. That’s the only thing we take. Of course you always try to learn things and obviously we’re going to see this team again. We’re all in the playoff hunt. Each game is really important and this one hurts because it was a really good opportunity to get a win, give them a loss and win the tiebreaker. That’s why it just kind of stings right now.


On the matchup with the Mercury:
For the most part we try to control the pace of the game and we stay in plays with them, which is why we’ve been successful. Today it still came down to a one-possession game at the end. Sometimes it goes your way and sometimes it doesn’t. Today it just happened to not go our way.

On Phoenix coming back:
There is no such thing as a lead against Phoenix. You never get comfortable with a lead against a team that has so many weapons. You just have to try to keep the same energy and keep controlling the game.

On his halftime speech:
I just told them it’s not X’s and O’s; it’s going to come down to who wants it more. A 20 point lead is nothing to us; we can score. We couldn’t play any worse in the second half because the first half was so bad. You knew we were going to play better in the second half.

On the importance of the game:
Seattle is one of the better teams and you have to know now that there’s no deficit you can’t come back from. We’ve done it before this season too, against Minnesota. It’s just one of those things where you have to remember the feeling you had, the hunger, and desire. That’s what it takes.

On Alexis Gray-Lawson:
I am very happy with Alexis. She doesn’t really have the push-pop because she’s a two-guard. But the desire and heart, I’ll go with that any day.

On hot shooting:
Those shots went in. We’ve had those in numerous games and they haven’t gone down, but tonight they went down.

On the difference between the halves:
There’s just a way to play and when we play that way, regardless of win or lose, you can feel good about the game. In the first half you just couldn’t feel good about it because there was more we could have done and in the second half we did it. It’s good to know we do have it.

On the importance of the win:
It’s crunch time now. If you look at the West standings, two through five, one day you can be in second and the next you could be in fourth. Especially the games at home, we really have to take care of. Against teams in our conference we really have to step it up and feel like we can beat them. Today was huge for us.

On Nakia Sanford:
Probably the unsung hero of the night was Nakia. She just does so many things for us that don’t turn up on the box scores. You hear that a lot but she really does make a difference for us. She’s a warrior and that’s what we thought we were getting when she was coming and she’s just been the ultimate leader and the ultimate veteran.

On the different between the halves:
Just being more aggressive. I think we were so passive and waiting for someone else to do something and D really kept us in the game. In the second half we all took the initiative to be aggressive, make them foul, and once we got to the free throw line we got some easy points and we got more in the swing of things.

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