Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 77, Tulsa 63

Aug. 11, 2011


On taking care of the basketball:
It was obviously much better, especially in the first half with three turnovers. It’s important for us. I wasn’t excited about how we played in the second half, but we still didn’t turn the ball over. They weren’t really out pressuring us as well.

On whether the lack of turnovers was more about the Storm or the Shock:
I think we’re taking better care of the basketball. You can tell by some of the decisions on our passes.

On defending Liz Cambage:
Liz is a talented player, there’s no question. I think what they’ve done there is if you think about how they played a year ago, up and down, up and down, trying to create with their defense. And that probably didn’t fit her style very well. Once they get into the half court and try to isolate her and get the ball in her hands she’s very effective. She made some impressive plays.

On the game:
I thought we got off to a great start. I was really happy with our first half. We’re a team that is still trying to get better. There are some areas we’re trying to get better at; being efficient on offense with the basketball is one of those. We made some strides there.


On playing at home:
Of course, we love playing at home. Coming off that road trip we really wanted to get this win. I think that was evident by the way we started this game.

On Cambage:
Obviously, she’s a tough matchup. You just have to try and make it tough for her. She had a very good game.

On taking care of the basketball:
Coming off that road trip, turnovers was something we discussed. It’s something that we came in thinking about. There are going to be some turnovers. There are people on this team who are great at taking risks, and sometimes with those risks come turnovers. But we only had nine and that is a very good thing for us. When we can keep our turnovers low we’re much more successful.


On defending Cambage:
She had a good game. She ran the floor well, she hit her free throws, she got some offensive boards. It’s tough. As a 6-2 player I just try my best to not let her get it. We don’t want her to get that many points and that many rebounds, but we got the win.

On her strategy:
I try to make her catch the ball further out in the paint. A lot of players that tall are not comfortable around the free throw line area and dribbling the ball. I did a better job of pushing her out where she’s uncomfortable. But that’s easier said than done. We have to do a better job next time.

On playing at home:
This place is magical. It feels good to be home. We’ve got a few days to be here. We do travel next week, but to be home for this many days is a blessing. We’ve been gone so long. And we love playing in this arena. The fans love being here. We always try to bring our best in front of them for sure.

On the game:
Against a team like Seattle, you can’t get down that deep and that quick. I’m very proud of our performance in the second half – our shot selection, transition defense … overall, it was much better effort and output. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to put four of those quarters together.

On outrebounding the Storm:
We are a good rebounding team. Our frontline is strong. Tiffany Jackson and Liz Cambage are solid around the rim, good on the offensive boards, good defensively. We’ve been able to outrebound teams and get second opportunities.

On Cambage:
With every game, Liz is gaining confidence. She can shoot it from the perimeter, she can play with her back to the basket, she’s athletic, she can put the ball on the floor and she surprises a lot of people. She continues to work and get better. Her best days are ahead.

On keeping the team's spirits up:
They’re professionals and know what the game is all about. They know that you usually have to turn around and play again in 24 or 48 hours. One thing you want to share is that if you can play the way you played in the third and fourth quarter, you can beat anybody in the league. We just need to do a better job of that. That’s the message.

On the game:
We had a really bad start and they got back into it a little bit. We came out hard in the third quarter. We just need to find consistency and be ready right from the first tip.

On the second half:
We just regrouped at halftime and got back together. We see all of the talent we have. It’s just a matter of playing hard and working together.

On getting more comfortable:
Yeah, I’ve finally started to find my groove. I’ve been really up and down and I think that’s because we’ve been very up and down with the coaching (changes). It’s one thing one day and another thing the next day, but we’re getting through it. We’re sticking together as a team.

On not getting to face Lauren Jackson:
No, it’s not a bad thing not seeing her on the court … she’s just the world’s best player! But it sucks seeing her on the sideline injured. I love Lauren.

On playing without Head Coach Teresa Edwards:
It’s different. Every coach has a different mentality and a different vibe. Kathy is sweet, but a hard coach as well.

On Edwards being inducted into the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame:
It’s awesome. Congrats to her. She was an amazing player and she’s going to be a really great coach.

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