Postgame Quotes - Atlanta 70, Storm 53

Aug. 7, 2011


On playing on the road:
Weíve gotten better on the road recently, but we didnít play really well tonight. Atlanta had time to prepare; I think they had four or five days to practice. And they were hungry. They see their playoff hopes in limbo, so they played with a lot more urgency than we did.

On the key to the loss:
We had 16 turnovers in the first half, 10 of those in the first quarter. We are not a team that can overcome stuff like that. We have to be efficient with the basketball.

On Atlanta's defensive intensity:
Thatís a big part of their success. Getting the ball in the open court, whether they rebound or turn you over. They got opportunities like that. They didnít score a whole lot on our turnovers, but they did get some good baskets as a result of our turnovers.


On the Dream:
Atlanta is a very athletic team. They like to be creative and just get out there and play they did that. Early on they were turning us over and turning that into points. Every time we cut the lead, they would make another run. They were pretty much just in control of the game and we never got into it.

On moving on:
You have to learn from losses and then move on. The next game will be a challenge in a different way; we play New York. Hopefully this game helps us prepare for the defensive intensity that we will face against New York.


On the game:
It wasnít a superb effort. We didnít take care of the basketball or execute. I love the fact that weíre a team thatís mature enough to learn from our mistakes and prepare for the next game.

On keys for the next game:
Just our focus. We have to be locked into what weíre doing defensively because that impacts our offense.

On the game:
That was one of the best team wins we have had. We led from start to finish and the most we led was by 21 points. It was a great team win because everyone made valuable contributions. Seattle fought hard but we just outfought them.

On Lindsey Harding's performance:
Lindsey Harding held Sue Bird to two points and she had six turnovers. I think that was the key.

On having Sancho Lyttle back in the lineup:
She is a great athlete and she is great defender. Sancho is always talking to her teammates and making sure everyone is in their right place. If they are not in the right place she will make sure to cover for them. Sancho is just a great team player and a great player to have.

On the game:
It was a great team win. We knew last year Seattle defeated the Dream in the Finals so we wanted to come out and play hard with our pink jerseys on. We wanted to hit them hard first defensively, and I think we did that. This team always seems to punch first when playing us, and makes us play catch-up. So our goal was to be the ones to punch first, leading them to play catch-up. And that is what we ended up doing. We just need to continue playing this way.

On facing Bird:
Bird is a difficult matchup to anybody. But I credit our post players in helping me slow her down tonight.

On being back in the starting lineup:
It feels good. I was told yesterday I was going to start, so I knew I just wanted to come out with full energy. That was my full focus for todayís game. But even when I am not in the starting lineup I go out there and play as hard as I can play.

On the game:
We had a great performance as a whole tonight. We had a lot of assists, which we normally donít have, and we had a lot of fast-break points. We played defense very well tonight. I just hope we can continue to do this for the next few games.

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