Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 78, San Antonio 64

July 21, 2011


On the Storm's start:
Excellent. I know we were shooting at a pretty good percentage. Then things settled back in. San Antonio is a good team. They kept fighting and hung around and put themselves in position in the third and fourth quarter. But we made a pretty good defensive stand against them and forced some turnovers.

On defending Becky Hammon:
Well, obviously Tanisha (Wright) does a great job and guards her quite a bit, but our defense is sort of team-oriented so it takes a lot of teamwork. She's a tough defend. She moves well without the ball and is obviously very deceptive with the ball. I've coached her. I know. She's not going to out-athletic you, but she figures out ways to put herself in positions to be successful.

On going small late in the game:
We took a little bit of a chance because (Jayne) Appel was still in the game. They had some size out there. It gave us a little bit of mobility and Swin (Cash) got a couple baskets out of it playing the four spot. We had the chance to space the floor a little bit.

On San Antonio's third-quarter run:
There was a lot of concern. They're a good team and they've come back before. But we hung in there and you could see up digging down pretty deep at that point. You could see the emotion coming out. We made a couple of defensive stands and got the lead back to seven, eight, nine. It didn't stay at one for real long.


On the fast start:
I think what you saw at the beginning was us playing off of our defense. You've heard that a lot this season, but it's really what makes us such a good team - the ability to create out of our defense. They were out of sorts. It was good for us to get off to a good start. We definitely needed it.

On the Silver Stars hanging around:
San Antonio did a great job. They were running some pick-and-rolls that were putting us in rotations and they were able to create out of that. For us, we just said, 'We need to get this guarded and get this done.' And we definitely did that.

On the offense clicking in the fourth quarter:
Tanisha made some big plays. We actually fed her in the post a few times. We've been getting better in those situations because we're able to read the situation. Tanisha has the height advantage over Becky so we wanted to take advantage of that with pick-and-rolls. That's just us getting more comfortable with each other.


On returning home:
It's always nice to be home. You play in front of your own fans and you have the comfort of being in your own house, sleeping in your own bed, that makes a big difference. I don't care what team you play.

On the Silver Stars hanging around:
We just needed to settle down and think about our defense. We knew we could do better. We came back out and refocused and made a push toward to end.

On her success against Becky Hammon:
Becky is a little bit smaller and it's tough for her to guard a bigger guard. They do a nice job of adjusting and making you kick it out and find people.

On playing a physical style:
Well, maybe not in the past, but the last two years our defense has been the best defense in the league. We're pretty physical and probably the most fouls. Defensively, we try to get after it. We take pride in it.

On the game:
It was a slow start and we did a good job of getting back in. We expended so much energy to get back in and close it to one point that we didn't finish quite as well. Seattle is a good defensive team so nothing comes very easy. We weren't good at the foul line and we didn't finish the way we'd like to. I was pleased with the effort to get us back in the basketball game, but unfortunately it took so much that we didn't finish very well.

On Bird's three to end the third quarter:
Yeah, that one really hurt us. We didn't get the matchup on that situation, but that's what she does for them in that situation. We have to recognize that. She's a good player and is going to make those shots. I thought that gave them some separation to play with after we'd gotten back into it.

On playing on the road in the West:
We've got to look at these road trips and grab hold of the opportunities when we can. We didn't get it tonight, but we'll move on and get ready for Minnesota.

On the game:
They came out and shot the ball lights out, especially in the first quarter. I thought we did a good job to fight and pull back within one, but at that point I think we had just expended so much energy to get ourselves back in the game that we didn't finish well. They are very good at home and nobody is going to dispute that.

On Bird's three to end the third quarter:
Yeah, that's kind of a momentum thing. It gives them a lot of energy and for us it's deflating. We just had a couple lapses. She is their primary go-to player - you have to find her and know where she is at all times. She's capable of hitting big shots. Hopefully we'll learn and move on.

On poor shooting:
It was a combination of us being bad and their defense. We'll give them credit. They played a lot better than us tonight. They play very well in this gym, too.

On playing at Minnesota:
It doesn't get any easier. Every night is a battle. We'll put one foot in front of the other and go in and try to steal a few.

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