Postgame Quotes/Notes - Minnesota 92, Storm 67

July 29, 2011


On the game:
I was just really disappointed in our defense. I thought we were a much better defensive team than that, but I think Minnesota's a heck of a team. They're playing really well right now.

On the Lynx's scoring:
I thought they hit some good shots, they ran good offense. Do I think we could have done better? Absolutely, but you've got to give credit to them. They executed well and got the ball to the right places.

On the Storm's offense:
I give the credit to Minnesota. I thought they did an excellent job.

On the difference between this and previous meetings with Minnesota:
I thought they played a lot more consistent tonight. Across the board. They didn't drop off when they subbed in and just kept on going.


On the game:
I think it's just, for us, one of those nights. We did not play well at all. I think it was definitely a combination of what they were doing and just us playing poorly. You have to give it to them. They did a great job. They got rolling and they definitely had the momentum all game long.

On the Lynx's improvement this season:
Compared to last year? They're healthy. That's the bottom line. If you look at the last three or four years, you had Seimone (Augustus) get a serious injury, then they had Lindsay (Whalen) come to the team last year, Seimone was kind of halfway on her way back, Rebekkah Brunson came late, was injured as well. In the WNBA, health is the number one key. I mean, look at our team. That's what I see. With that, they were able to add some high draft picks and really form a nice, solid core group, if you want to call it that, and they're able to build chemistry.

On being disappointed with the loss:
Of course. Any game like this is disappointing, especially with a chance to continue to creep up the standings. Hopefully we'll be able to learn from this. Regardless of what the score was, it's a loss, it's just one game. We have one tomorrow and in a way, I feel like everyone in this locker room is happy about that. The one team in the world that's happy about a back-to-back is in this locker room right now because hopefully we'll get to redeem ourselves.


On the game:
I think it was a lot of us. I mean, give them credit. I think offensively they did whatever they wanted to do, but I think a lot of today's game fell on us. Fortunately, in the WNBA we have a game tomorrow so we can't really sit back and think about it too much or analyze it. I think we'll get home on Sunday, probably break it down. They played really well tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if they shot the ball 80-something percent. They were hitting everything that they threw up. I mean, everybody on their team. Nights like that are going to happen, but we didn't play Storm basketball. And that's what really hurt us.

On running plays for Candice Wiggins:
Might have had a couple plays for Wiggins. A lot of that stuff was free. It was an inside-out game. I remember Taj (McWilliams) hitting Wiggins. We ran a couple things for her. I can't remember off-hand if she converted on those or not.

On the bench:
Obviously Wiggins played well, Charde (Houston) played well. I thought it was a good opportunity for them to play. I thought Jessica Adair's minutes were really quality minutes. She has been playing well. It was a nice opportunity to give Charde extended minutes. To get Amber (Harris) in there to get her some run; we haven't played her in a couple games. I think people are a little premature to say that they have gelled and that they have arrived yet.

On Maya Moore's play:
She had 12 points, six assists, but the energy that she played with is something that we played off of. They tried to contain her a little bit. The first basket that she hit was a three in transition. Maya is fearless and she believes that she is going to make that shot.

On the game:
It was one of those nights where everybody felt good. Everybody played well. We shot the ball exceptionally well. Kudos to us.

On what beating the defending champions means:
That this team has gotten better - that we finally got the pieces of the puzzle together. We are ready to roll. We also understand that they are missing a big piece to that team in Lauren Jackson. They are still a tough team. They still came out and fought. It just so happens that we were able to capitalize on everything that they did tonight.

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