Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 83, Phoenix 77

July 26, 2011


On the game:
We didnít turn the ball over. We started running a little bit of pick-and-roll and got them out of sorts for a while. They do that to us, so itís just back and forth. Our defense was a lot better in the last three quarters of the game too.

On the matchup with Phoenix:
Itís just different styles of play. Theyíre a very good basketball team and they can score a lot of points and they have a lot of weapons, so you just have to find a way to stay and play with them.


On the game:
For us, this is just a really good road win against a very good team. Weíre kind of hovering around .500, so for us itís about making a push in the second half of the season to move up in the standings.

On the matchup with Phoenix:
I think when it comes to our matchups against Phoenix, itís kind of a battle of styles. Weíre very defensive minded. Weíre not against running the ball, but weíre definitely defensive minded, whereas they want to put as many points as they can up on the board. So I think you see battles when these two teams face each other.


On her late steal:
I just tried to jump in her path and distort her movement and make her go in a different direction. I happened to get my hand on the ball and it didnít go out of bounds, so I just tried to keep patting it and keep going the other way and I got a tough layup and made a tough finish.

On the matchup with Phoenix:
We play them so often that the games go up and down. Itís tough. Theyíre a great team. They score in bunches. We had a great third quarter where we got some stops and got the ball back. We were down 10 or 11 at one point and we continued to play and we pressed and kept pressing and kept digging. We didnít give up. A lot of teams give up on them. Theyíre hard to defend and they hit tough shots.

On the game:
We didnít come to play. I talked to the team, they listened. We just didnít come to play. Just didnít play well.

On the game:
Thatís a tough team. They played really well. They showed what kind of team they were. I think at stretches we did too - not enough to win, but we went out there and played hard. Weíll get better.

On the Mercury's defensive effort:
At stretches I think we played really well. There was a lull in that third quarter where they raised intensity a little bit and we didnít match it. Then in the fourth quarter again you saw that when we play with that intensity we looked pretty good again. We just have to find a balance throughout a 40 minute game.

On ups and downs:
Itís energy, itís the moon. Sometimes you have more energy than others, you try and its not there. But, you keep plugging away at it and good things will happen. Weíre fine.

On physical play:
Thatís the game; you have to man up and they did a little bit better than that.

On DeWanna Bonner's defense:
We give her a lot of credit. Itís you guys that donít give her a lot of credit. We know how important DB is to our basketball team and when she steps on the court, she brings a dynamic that no one else can.

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