Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 73, San Antonio 55

July 21, 2011


On the game:
We have a winning record and we've been fighting it hard with injuries and a road trip, inconsistent play, but you just have to be persistent. You can't give in to it, you just have to find ways to get better when you can't practice.

On whether the game felt like a must-win:
When you get to this point of the season you're sort of jockeying for playoff position and you approach it different ways. We talked about this game having - or could have - implications down the road. We didn't play as we would have liked down there, they played well down there, and this was an important game for us.

On the difference from the previous meeting with San Antonio:
You know how this league is; you can play a team on two consecutive nights and have two completely different games. It's just one of those things. They've been traveling like we have.


On being voted to the All-Star Game:
To be the leading vote getter in the All-Star Game is something special. It's something that it's exciting to know that the fans want to see you in the All-Star Game. It's a good feeling.

On playing at home:
Always a difference at home. It was a rough road trip. We played three tough teams, three rough games where even though we were down at times we had a chance to win all of those games. We didn't pull any of them out so it was important for us to come home and end this first half of the season with a win, with a good taste in our mouth.

On the start of the second half:
It started with Tanisha (Wright). She got those quick steals and we were able to score off them. Our 14-point lead turned into 20 and we were feeling good and just rode it out from there.


On playing at home:
We've always played well at home. For us we need to go on the road and figure out how to win games. That's what we'll do.

On whether the game felt like a must-win:
Tonight was a must-win for us. Any home games are a must-win, but tonight having just lost three on the road and going into a break you want to go out on a high. We all knew with a win it would keep us over .500 and that was the goal. We were able to get it done.

On the start of the second half:
On the road we've had some lulls at the beginning of the second half and not playing up to our standards so we really wanted to focus on it and make sure we came out with a lot of energy.


On the game:
That's the kind of basketball we want to play, right there. I don't know any way else to put it: That's the kind of basketball we want to play, we need to play to be successful.

On going inside during the second quarter:
That was something we wanted to focus on and get some inside touches for our post players and go to work. Le'coe (Willingham) really took advantage of that today.

On the difference from the previous meeting with San Antonio:
We knew we could play much better from when we played down there. We missed a lot of opportunities and didn't capitalize on a lot of things. We came out and did a good job of limiting Becky (Hammon) and Sophia (Young) kind of plays off of her and that limited that and forced other players to beat us.

On whether the game felt like a must-win:
For sure.

On the game:
I thought the end of the first quarter and into the second, Seattle did a good job of separating from us. We had a difficult time shooting the basketball all day. We just did not shoot the ball well. Coming out in the second half, we turned the ball over early and (the lead) went to 20 at that point. Give Seattle credit. I thought they were extremely tough-minded defensively and physical. They really congested the paint.

On the team's first half:
When you consider we have six out of 11 as new players and three rookies, we're probably in a position that maybe we'd hoped that we'd be. We've got a lot to learn. This is a learning lesson for a lot of us. Even the rookies … you could see their first time up here, we were a frame behind. I thought in the second half, they started dealing with it. But what we've got to do is just be able to learn from this and maybe for some of the road games in the future, we've got to be better prepared. But Seattle played good. They made shots and had an aggressive nature that we had to deal with for most of the game so give them credit - they got it done.

On the game:
It's two-fold: we played bad and they played good. We just didn't get out to the start that we wanted to get off to. It was a grind. This is one of the most physical teams in the league, if not the most physical. We just didn't handle it very well. It was one of those nights where everything went wrong. They're a good team and were a bit hungrier than we were tonight. They came out with a purpose and really focused and put it on us. We have to learn from it and move on and let it go.

On getting back on track:
Defensively, we need to be tougher-minded. We kind of let them do whatever they wanted to do tonight. We also let them push us out of our spots, move us and that's who they are. We just have to play through it.

On poor shooting:
It was a combination of us being bad and their defense. We'll give them credit. They played a lot better than us tonight. They play very well in this gym, too.

On the team going into the All-Star break:
We'll be alright. We have a lot of improvement to make, but we're going to be alright.

On the game:
Seattle was hungrier than we were. We came in after our win at L.A. and maybe were just lackadaisical and not composed enough and mentally focused enough for their aggression. They just showed up and we didn't, bottom line. We had some spurts in the first half where we did well, but we just couldn't keep it up.

On the team going into the All-Star break:
It's not really much of a break for us - we have two days off, but from past experiences, I think the second half of the season is a completely different game. People come in more focused and we're planning to be a team that comes in with a new mentality and the second half is it. Whatever we do and however we come in, that will determine how successful we are for the rest of the season. I'm hoping we'll all have fun with our friends and families, regroup immediately and come back ready to play ball.

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