Postgame Quotes/Notes - Chicago 78, Storm 69

July 19, 2011


On the game:
I just don't think that we came out strong in the second half. At 1:20 we were down by six points, and they scored quite a few points off of our turnovers. It's not just one major thing. We turned it over in critical times, we missed some free throws, defensive breakdowns ... it is a combination of multiple things. But we are not sitting here feeling sorry for ourselves. We have a lot of the season to be played, and we are going to keep working on it and get ready for the next one.

On matching up with Sylvia Fowles:
I think she played with a lot more authority in the second half, and I don't think we came out really focused to do a good job on her in the second half.

On the Sky:
I think they have a strong inside presence with Sylvia and Michelle Snow does a good job as well. They have a couple good young guards. Courtney (Vandersloot) and Epiphanny (Prince) both can really penetrate and both can really pass the basketball.


On Vandersloot:
She definitely has a calm demeanor about her and doesn't really get rattled. She just kind of plays her game. That is good enough for a point guard and a young player. And you can see it. She has a role out there and she is going to play to the best of her ability.

On getting open looks:
I am like the quarterback of a football team, and you have to give a lot of credit to your offensive line, right? What the girls do screening wise, we run a ton of pick-and-rolls and there is no way that I would get a glimpse if it wasn't for my teammates.

On the Sky:
Offensively they have a lot of threats with Sylvia and Piph, and I think they then have the point guard that then gets those starts where they need to be. So offensively they are very tough. Height for us ... when you look at our roster, we have two players over 6'1" and their frontline is huge, which is obviously tough. And I think on the boards, you saw it late when they were jumping right over us. Sometimes it is hard to guard that.


On the game:
They are good; they have big posts. Sylvia is really good, and Prince is a good guard, but we have good post players and good guards too. So I think we were matched up pretty evenly.

On defending Fowles:
They got her the ball every single time in the second half, and I mean she is a great player and probably one of the best post players in the world, so she is going to get her points. We tried to limit her as much as possible, but they got her the ball and were smart.

On the game:
We did a better job with taking care of the ball in the second half - we did a better job at going plus on the boards. I thought when we stole a few possessions with our zone; it really gave us some momentum. And then when it boils down to it they had a couple of runs but we answered. That's a step in the right direction against a veteran team that really makes you think and scrap and change your scheme. I think from that standpoint that it's a valid win for us.

On the Sky's development:
I think certain individuals are improving in areas that we are asking them to improve. Courtney had seven (assists) and two (turnovers) in 28 minutes and that's what we need. We had 37 post touches. To make the ball go into the post 37 times is deliberate but that's Sylvia and Michelle working also. Those are the things that we've talked about over and over that we are trying to do a better job on.

On Vandersloot's decision-making in the fourth quarter:
The big thing is that we kept the ball in her hands a lot. I told her in transition to not give it up and that we need the ball in her hands. I tell her that we trust her - we believe in her.

On Prince having a good game:
It makes it extremely pleasant for us. We screened for Piph and got them switching. It happened once and she scored -twice she scored - and she looked at me and I said do it again.

On her performance:
I never stopped being aggressive. I was definitely looking for my shot and I saw what their defense gave me and took advantage of the mismatches.

On taking over during the second and fourth quarters:
Whenever my number is called I will always want to attack the rim. I feel like Sloot found me for some key jumpers and layups and it helped get me going. It made me feel comfortable.

On Fowles drawing double-teams:
It was really important for us to help her. If the guards can hit outside shots, than Syl can play one on one down there so we always need to contribute when we can.

On facing Bird:
She's a great player and you can tell. She is what makes that team go and, regardless of the score, she had a good game. There were parts of the game where she really exposed us, but luckily we buckled down and got stops.

On her mentality:
It's about keeping the ball in my hands and keeping your poise. I really wanted to take care of the ball and I didn't want to let my teammates down. I needed to play with confidence and attack just enough so I had a presence on the court.

On Prince:
She impresses me every night. Some of the shots she makes you can tell it isn't luck. She does it every game and it's fun to watch.

On the game:
We did pretty good. They are a veteran team and know how to play together. They made some switch-ups on the floor but we stayed to our game and did what we needed to do defensively to win.

On having a big second half despite double-teams:
I guess there's some luck involved but I always stay positive. My teammates also help me a lot and once everyone started getting involved it made it easier for me to get my points.

On Prince:
I think she got her mojo back. That's what we need from her every night and I'm glad she helped us get this win.

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