Postgame Quotes/Notes - Minnesota 69, Storm 62

July 16, 2011


On the game:
I like the way that we're playing, the way we can defend. When you can defend, you can stay in games and you can win games. We didn't have a lot of depth tonight. We played a solid game - we didn't play a great game, but we played a solid game. I think I can see our team getting better. I just think that our best basketball is going to be ahead of us. I believe that.

On the Lynx:
They're an excellent transition team. They lead the league in transition points. They're a tremendous offensive rebounding team, and we try to keep those two things in check. We can score in transition as well; wish we could have got more opportunities. We had a couple opportunities we let slip away. Tanisha missed a layup, maybe two layups. Sue missed a jump shot. We got flipped from behind one time. There were some opportunities that we just didn't convert, but our team has got its best basketball ahead of us still.

On the team's mentality:
They're competitors. Obviously, we think we're going to win every game. Tonight we think we should have come in here and won, and we think we could have won. They're going to be upset right now, but most athletes are optimists, too. We talk about what can happen for us and we're going to stay on that path.


On scoring droughts:
It's definitely something we've talked about. We know we have to fix it. We can't go into those lulls because it gives teams opportunities to get big leads on us. Even though we do come back, it's a lot of energy to do that and then sometimes it's difficult to get over the hump, tying it or taking the lead. We're definitely aware of that. We've just got to have a little more focus.

On whether fatigue is a factor:
I don't think so. We're fine at the end. That's when you're supposed to be tired. I don't know what happens. If I knew, I think I'd fix it quicker.

On missing Camille Little:
Yeah, Millie brings a lot of energy to our team. She can guard everybody on the floor. Offensively, she does some great things. Rebounding ... you miss a player like that. I think everyone did a great job tonight of stepping up. Our bench was really productive. They did some good things for us. We talk about this a lot - you can't worry about what you don't have. Tonight, the case was we didn't have Millie. Glad we get her back though, unlike Lauren (Jackson).


On scoring droughts:
I don't think there's any excuse to make for it. We've just got to clean it up, figure it out and just go with that. Better execution, I guess, and better reads.

On the Storm's inability to complete comebacks:
It's obviously disappointing because I feel like we have the people in here to close games. A few games this year, we had opportunities down the stretch after making a big comeback to really make a push and take the lead or to tie it up and we haven't been able to do that. I still have a lot of faith in this team, and feel like we still have a lot of basketball, like Coach Agler said, ahead of us. We just have to figure it out.

On the game:
Really good win for us. Obviously Seattle is a good team. They did a nice job of limiting our number of possessions. We really had to grind that thing out. Doing a back-to-back, it was one of those things by one or by 21, just win the game. We placed a lot of emphasis on winning the home games. It was good to get this one against Seattle.

On going to Seimone Augustus down the stretch:
It would be a mistake not to get Seimone the ball. She was not hiding in the corner; we wanted her to be a little bit more active, and we ran a couple more plays for her. Her move one-on-one in front of our bench was really nice. She just had a way about her that was really fun to watch. After a back-to-back, her knees are bothering her. She showed a lot of courage playing the game last night and playing in the game as well as she did tonight. I am just really proud of her.

On the lower-scoring game than against Phoenix:
A couple of things. The system was different. Phoenix's system is one that is score in the first seven seconds and then challenges everything, whether it is pick-and-rolls or transition defense. There is nobody that transitions as well as they do off of misses. We made them look really good in that area in our game. As I told our players, sometimes some losses loom large for a team. For us it was not who we wanted to be. Sometimes that has to happen to you to get that recognition. I thought we had a great deal of emphasis on our defense, a lot of focus on it. Two games of pretty good defense. We kind of got back to who we are.

On the game:
They have a really good core group that has played together for a while and have a way of really taking control of the tempo and the game. We had a run where we played some really great defense in the third quarter. We didn't let them score until a few minutes left in the quarter. That's all it takes for them. A three here, a transition there and it is a 12-point game. I think we only had a nine-point lead to start the fourth and they chipped even closer than that. I was proud of the way, when it came down to the end of the game, we made some big stops, we had some great looks to Rebekkah (Brunson) inside and knocked down some free throws. I am just proud of our team for pulling it through.

There are always good things and bad things about taking things from games. We are going to try and do a good balance of building momentum. It's a win. We pulled it through, but we still have a lot of work to do.

On the fourth quarter:
We focus on this every day in practice. We take the last half an hour of practice and focus on game-like situations, clock situations, three minutes left in a game-type situations. It is starting to pay off. We are going to have to be ready for those situations, especially against a team like Seattle or Phoenix or any team in the West. We have to prepare for them.

On Coach Reeve:
It's good to have a coach here that we know and we understand where she's coming from and where she is trying to get us to. We are on the same page and it's a great thing.

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