Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 79, Washington 71

July 12, 2011


On the game:
We’re getting better offensively, but I will tell you this: We played Washington nine days ago and they’re a much better team than they were last week. If you look at them, they’ve really shot the ball well the last two games – our game tonight, obviously, and their game at Indiana. They led Indiana most of the game there and lost at the end. They’re an improving team. But I was happy with how we played. We are getting better offensively. I wish we could have been a little better balanced in scoring, but I’ve always said that you have to take what they give you and they were giving some of our people open looks.

On being unable to put the Mystics away:
They’re human beings so it’s hard to be on top of your game every single night. We have different opponents and people do things differently to you. We had some lapses, there’s no question. I was concerned with some of that. I give tribute to them for hanging in there and hitting some key shots.

On Sue Bird's performance:
When Lauren (Jackson) is out, other people have to step up and contribute in the scoring factor. Sue consistently did that. And she’s doing it now when we need it. Sue contributes in a lot of different ways and she makes everyone around her better. But she does have the ability to score too. That’s why she is world-class. I’m just glad we have her on our team.


On the game:
It was one of those games where we played a team that was not backing down. Every time we kind of got a little bit of a cushion they came right back. It was a tough game, but a great win for us. It’s going to be like that in this league.

On her scoring:
We’re taking what they’re giving us. Tonight was a great team win. Everybody at some point stepped up and made a big play. Whoever gets the points gets the points.

On the Storm's upcoming three-game road trip:
Hopefully we’ll have a little momentum. I think for us these two games we can kind of feel good about what we’ve been doing, how we’ve been playing - particularly offensively. We just want to be able to take that on the road. It’s going to be a tough stretch. Every road game is tough.


On the Kids Day crowd:
During the regular season we have the Storm crazies that are loud, and today was like the junior Storm crazies. It was ear-piercing at times. I looked up one time at the JumboTron and was hoping the word ‘noise’ wasn’t up there, but of course it was.

On the game:
I was really happy with our effort tonight. And especially at home for us to get wins in the Key was important. Now we go on the road and try to steal some. This league is so talented and it’s gotten better every year. People don’t understand that, so for us as long as we’re secure with our victories at home we’ll go on the road and try to steal some.

On the Mystics:
This team is dangerous. I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of the season they’re right in the mix for the playoffs. They’re just getting better. I’m glad we’re done with them, actually, so now we’ll focus back on the West Coast.

On the game:
We had our opportunities to take the lead and we settled on some jump shots and missed some shots down the stretch. That made the difference in the game.

On looking ahead:
Our focus is to finish this road trip strong, get a win at home, and be ready to make our push for the playoffs in the second half of the season.

On adjustments in practice:
We have to look at the tape, but obviously execution in the half court. We’re playing Phoenix next, and they play a lot of zone, so we will be working against their zone defense and their zone offense.

On the game:
Towards the end, they executed a little better than we did. It goes back to them executing down the stretch on the opposite end, and us not really doing so.

On the team's focus:
Right now, we’re trying to focus on game-by-game and getting better. We have to focus on Phoenix, that’s our next game, and see what we need to do to get that win.

On the game:
We were unable to get stops. They just executed. They got stops. It was maybe three possessions where we could have taken the lead, and we were unable to execute. Our effort was there, we were aggressive, but it didn’t work.

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