Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 99, Los Angeles 80

July 9, 2011


On the Storm's offense:
When you shoot the ball and it goes in, it makes your offense a lot better, obviously. What I was happy with was how we were aggressive in the open floor - getting down and trying to score when we had numbers. We shot the ball well from the three-point line, which is a big improvement for this year, and got free throw attempts, which is a big improvement. We haven't been consistent with that. We're happy. Hopefully, we can stay on this path.

On sustaining this level of play:
We did think we learned some things over the last week or so that we think are going to help us. Now it's the ability to put it in motion consistently. But we're really happy with how we played.

On the third-quarter run:
We got some stops. We had some good play from Ashley (Robinson) off the bench and Katie (Smith) off the bench. Belinda (Snell) didn't play big minutes, but she helped us in the first half, gave us a blow there. Camille (Little) didn't get big minutes tonight because she was in foul trouble, so Le'coe (Willingham)'s minutes were huge and critical, and Swin. Those people have the motor - Tanisha (Wright), Swin, Le'coe, Camille, Ashley when she's energized. When we get this effort from those people, we have the ability to play like this.


On what clicked after halftime:
I don't know. I think our defense is what you're always going to hear about when we talk about our season. We just got a lot of stops and were able to turn that into transition. Swin was super-aggressive and, from there, everything fell into place.

On Robinson's defensive impact:
They're a big team. I think what A-Rob can bring is somebody who can guard virtually everybody on the court at her size. We were joking that I had a block shot and she didn't, but it isn't always about blocked shots with A-Rob. She changes shots. She makes people second-guess their shots. That presence doesn't show up in the box score but we felt it from her tonight.

On the Storm's hot shooting:
It felt good because we know what everyone in this room is capable of. We've had some growing pains - figuring ourselves out, figuring out how we're going to work together. Tonight was kind of payment for that, because we knew it was right there, on the cusp. Tonight we got over the hump a little bit.


On attacking the basket:
That's been a point of emphasis the last couple of days of practice. Sometimes when you're not shooting the three as well, you're thinking, 'Next shot. Next shot.' You can't fall in love with it. You've got to get to the rim and be aggressive. Whenever I'm doing that, I think it's better for our team.

On how that leads to better outside shooting:
Once you get that penetration, then you don't have as much pressure on the outside. You're able to penetrate and kick and those are the shots that we practice every day in practice. It was good to see Katie knocking down some shots, T getting to the paint and being aggressive. We need that. Hopefully this was the start and we're going to get off this roller coaster and have another good performance on Tuesday.


On seeing her shots fall:
I missed enough to start. It always feels good to knock down shots when you get open looks. I haven't shot the ball real well all season, so it's nice to get a rhythm going. It was a little bit of a relief to get a couple to go down.

On changing the starting lineup:
We just wanted to start with more energy tonight. They seem to bring a lot of energy; we wanted to run our fast break and thatís why we started with them, which I thought was pretty successful when they were in there.

On what made the difference:
Crucial turnovers in the third quarter that really cost us. Thereís no way you can win ball games having 21 turnovers in a game Ė and them scoring 33 points off of it. So not only did we turn the ball over, we didnít get back in transition, and they capitalized on that.

in every aspect of the game I thought the game was really close; had we just taken care of the ball Ė and we didnít do that Ė thatís why we lost.

On what went wrong in the third quarter:
It puzzles me because thatís something that we know about this team; they are physical and we want to match their physicality and we did that in L.A., but we didnít do that (tonight). I thought we did in the first two quarters, but in the end of the third quarter, we lost our composure. I donít know if it was so much the physical part of the game, or if it was just a lack of focus. Itís just something we need to continue to work on.

On teams getting hot against the Sparks:
It seems like we have been waking up a few sleeping giants lately. I donít know what the deal is. It just seems like everyone gets up for L.A. We know weíve always been a target and people just want to beat us. We just have to understand that, and play a little bit tougher.

On the game:
Seattle had a great third-quarter run. They really broke us down defensively. And they started making shots; Katie was obviously struggling, but then she hit that first one, and it got her confidence up Ė and then they all started making shots. Itís tough when you try and buckle down on defense and then they just start really connecting and getting that chemistry and making shots.

On the difference between the teams:
Well, it was not the threeís that were hurting us, it was our turnovers and them converting on our turnovers. I donít know how many points off our turnovers ... 33 - there you go, thatís the game right there. Itís really us not taking care of the ball, and them converting on our turnovers Ė our mistakes.

On the team's focus in practice:
We donít have time; we have our game in San Antonio in three days, so it has to be a quick turnaround. Really, it will come down to our focus. It will really come down to our pride and how bad we want it. We got a locker room full of great players, so we really need to come together and show how really talented we are Ė we are a better team than this.

On the game:
We started to rush in the third quarter, we turned the ball over, and our transition defense was not good tonight Ė they were leaking out and we had nobody back. That kind of hurt us in the third quarter. And then our turnovers changed the momentum of the game; they were converting on every turnover, so thatís something we definitely need to work on in practiceÖ.just really taking care of the ball and executing what we need to execute.

On the difference between the teams:
Look at the turnovers and the conversions on the turnovers, thatís basically where we lost the game. Third quarter, we didnít get back and it was just a momentum change. They started to feel that they were at home, they had the home crowd and on the road, you have to execute and stay together in those times when teams start to execute on you.

On the team's focus in practice:
Just executing offense; we need to be able to get a bucket, we need to be able to get a bucket and not turn the ball over. Pressuring each other when weíre in practice a little bit more so that we can have the pressure the other teams put on us. Challenging each other, because thatís what we face in the gamesÖgetting fouled here and there, not getting calls, you have to be tougher and I think we have to be mentally tougher in games like this.

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