Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 73, Washington 63

July 3, 2011


On the team:
Weíre not playing as efficient as we want to. Weíre still turning the ball over a little bit too often for our needs. We did shoot a higher percentage. I think in the second and third quarters we helped ourselves. We played pretty good defensively and it gave us a little bit of a cushion going into halftime.

On Le'coe Willingham starting in place of Lauren Jackson:
First of all, not to disrespect anybody, itís hard to replace Lauren Jackson with one individual. But Le'coe brings us quite a bit of versatility. She can stretch the defense. She does have the ability to shoot the three. Sheís a very smart player. Our offense runs well when sheís in the game. And sheís undersized but gets a lot of things done underneath the basket. Sheís a very good player and very good for us.


On the aggressive nature of the game:
Thatís their style of play. Theyíre very physical. They attack the boards. We knew we were going to have our hands full, but I thought our team did an excellent job - our guards getting in there helping, our posts rebounding.

On playing without Jackson:
I think itís given people opportunities to step up and play more minutes and show their abilities. Now is the opportunity for other people to take advantage of it and the more we play collectively together and get that cohesiveness the better off weíll be. It could be a different player every night, but I think collectively the team just needs to step up.

On the game:
We played with a shorter roster and just really fought with tremendous heart. It is a learning process for us. We came out the gate started the game better but the second quarter really hurt us. We really didnít do a good job of reading their defense and we made some random plays offensively that put us in a hole but on the upside Victoria (Dunlap) really came into her own today, so that was good to see. She had 19 points in 32 minutes and we battled on the boards and we did defensively enough to win the game - just offensively we were just a little out of sync.

On the team's offense:
I think it is a combination (of things). The change in the lineup, just playing against an experienced team and itís a matter of us continuing to learn to read defense. We have been working on it all week. They are learning and they are growing and I really believe the second half of the season is going to pay off for us because the players are going to get a lot better. They are learning each other, they are learning to play together and they are fighters. They did not give up. Itís easy to play when things are going your way. But it takes a special group of people and character to fight when things do not go your way. I think they showed tremendous amount of character.

On the game:
It was tough. Basketball is a team sport. You canít win with just one person or two people; you have to win as a team. Even though I started and did well, I still feel bad because we did not win.

On getting the start:
I didnít really know until the last second. Once I did find out it just was more of a mental thing.

On playing against Sue Bird:
Iíve played against her quite a few times and played with her too. She does a lot of good things for her team. She is just a great point guard.

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