Postgame Quotes/Notes - Los Angeles 71, Storm 66 (Preseason)

May 25, 2011


On the game:
I thought we played soft the first half defensively and we played much better the second half. There is just a certain way we need to play.

On where the Storm is at this point in preseason:
I donít think we are very good. Thatís not disrespecting L.A.; they probably feel the same way. They have to dissect areas of their game too.

On areas for improvement:
Our transition defense was not very good. Our one-on-one defense was not very good. I thought L.A. was mentally and physically tougher than we were.

I donít think today we had that edge, that mental and physical toughness. We showed signs in the second half, but I just donít think we have it at this point.

On the Sparks:
I think they played well. Iíve seen a couple different things ... defensively theyíre improved. An initial response is they didnít have Tina (Thompson) today, but she is a big part of whatís going on and Candace (Parker) looks healthy. Everyone looks sharp and in shape.

On the game:
We won the boards ... thatís a great sign right there. Especially last year, that was a big concern of ours and it seems we found the missing piece of having that inside presence of rebounding.

Overall, I am pleased with my team and the effort they gave me today.

On the team's energy:
I thought the energy was great. Not only did my starters come out with a lot of energy, but the bench came out with great energy as well and this is something Iíve been trying to instill in this team because thatís where youíre going to win games.

On Parker's play:
It was hard taking her off the floor, her performance today was really tough and I thought she showed the great leader she is. She took over the game and Iím really impressed with her defense. I think Candace is now playing both ends of the court, not just a scorer, and she has a mindset of winning a championship.

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