Postgame Quotes/Notes - Connecticut 88, Storm 68

Game at a Glance
  • With the win, the Sun improved to 15-15 on the season, and 12-10 in the overall series vs. the Storm and the winners of six straight matchups between the two teams at home. With the loss, the Storm is now 25-5, 2-8 at Connecticut in the series matchup. Connecticut is now 11-2 on the season when leading at the half.
  • Lauren Jackson (back tightness) missed her second game this season.
  • Abby Bishop scored a career-high 14 points.
  • Alison Lacey handed out a career-high five assists.
  • With seven rebounds, Ashley Robinson tied her season high.
  • Svetlana Abrosimova (19 points) led the Storm in scoring for the second time this season.
  • Anete Jekabsone-Zogota returned to the lineup after missing the previous 15 games with a knee injury. She made a three-pointer with four minutes remaining in the second quarter and added two assists on the game.
  • Tina Charles finished the game with a career-high five assists. Her previous high was four, accomplished two times. She also scored 14 points and pulled down five rebounds.
  • The Sun had the highest field-goal percentage in the first half this season 60.0% (21-of-35). The previous high was 55.9% on 5/27 vs. Minnesota. The team also recorded a season high in first-half assists (18), with the previous being 14 on 7/7 at Atlanta.
  • Asjha Jones tied a season high in field goals made with nine. She also completed the feat on 7/27 vs. Washington.
  • Sandrine Gruda tallied her 100th rebound of the season and now has 108.
  • Kara Lawson dished out her 100th assist of the season and now has 104 for the year.
  • Charles set the Connecticut Sun franchise record for offensive rebounds in a season. She now has 115 and the previous high was 114, set by Taj McWilliams Franklin in 2001.
  • Connecticut tied a season high with 27 assists as a team. The team also accomplished the feat on 7/7 at Atlanta.
  • Aug. 13, 2010


    On Lauren Jackson sitting out:
    It was back spasms. This was a late thing. She warmed up. She tried to come out here early to stretch out, but she didnít feel any better. She tried to go out and warm up, but she didnít feel any better, so we sat her out. Itís not a recurring thing with her injury. I think she just tightened up. Itís been a long season. Weíve been traveling. I think there are a lot of factors that play into that - fatigue is one. And like we have talked about, it is a time for us to take advantage of the opportunity to rest some people.

    On not playing most starters in the second half:
    We gauged the score a little bit. We started the starters. We hung in there. The second quarter got away from us. We were down by 19 at halftime. We said ĎOK, letís take advantage of the situation and just rest Sue (Bird) and Swin (Cash) and Camille (Little)

    On the play of reserves:
    I think everybody played pretty well tonight. I think it took some people longer than others to get into it, but I saw some good signs. Svetlana (Abrosimova) is obviously aggressive. Alison (Lacey) is getting some great experience right now. Abby (Bishop) is getting great experience. Ashley (Robinson) is out there and she is executing, knows whatís going on and is showing some leadership. I think it is good experience for Jana (VeselŠ) too to play some valuable minutes.

    On suffering a loss:
    I think any competitor - Iím a competitor and all of our players are competitors - doesnít like to lose. As a coach, you want to have a team out there that can play and compete and you want to be able to use what you would consider your best players. But at the same time, we have done a lot of work this year to put ourselves here. We also understand what itís like to not be at full strength going into the playoffs. Weíve been there and we have experienced that.

    We just want to keep people fresh or get them fresh as fast as possible in the playoffs. We want to try to stay sharp and then see what happens. We owe that to ourselves. I mean, I donít think it would be advantageous for us to have Sue Bird, Lauren Jackson, Swin Cash and those people worn down going into the playoffs. That being said, I donít know what is going to happen in Washington. Iím sure we will probably do something similar.


    On resting:
    We want to be in the right mindset. We donít want to get lazy-minded. Some of us are banged up. Some of this rest is probably good and hopefully it pays off come playoff time. Itís a tough situation to be in. Every year that I have been here where we have made the playoffs and weíve only had one, two or three games left is different than having six or seven games left. Itís tough. Itís not easy to decide what to do.


    On the play of the bench:
    We worked hard. We want to give the starters as much rest as possible. Of course we want to win just as well, but the big picture for us is just getting valuable minutes to get us ready for the playoffs and getting our starters the rest they need.

    On the reserve's mindset:
    Weíre competitors. Most of all, we are basketball players. We donít get the minutes, but that doesnít erase the fact of where we come from. I come from a winning program in college. We want to play. Most of the reserves in the league work hard. We have extra time on the court. On days off, we donít have off, so we want to make sure that all that hard work that we put in pays off.

    On the game:
    You just get in a situation, number one, you see why they are doing what theyíre doing and you have to play well enough to win the game. You know itís an opportunity to get some people minutes who need them. Itís nice to get Kara (Lawson) out of there; Tina (Charles) and Asjha (Jones) got some good minutes and then got out.

    On his coaching approach:
    Itís difficult to manage in that you come to the arena prepared with all the thoughts in your head on how youíre going to coach the game. You plan for Lauren Jackson, Sue Bird, then itís a little bit different, but weíll take the win.

    On the lead:
    When you go up by 25 or 30, you donít want to embarrass anybody. Get a good start. Thatís the most important thing, get off to a good start.

    On the game plan:
    We knew before the game they werenít going to play Lauren. We didnít know how long they would play the starters, but we knew theyíd be without Lauren. We had to jump on them early and be aggressive to get a lead because you donít know how long heíd (Coach Agler) play them.

    On the game:
    I thought we did a good job of not letting them affect our plan. Weíll take the win. Obviously, they are going to do what they are going to do and we canít worry about that. I thought it was a good job by everybody to stay focused and get the win.

    On the game:
    It doesnít matter what they other team is doing. We had a plan and need to make sure we were on top of our game and let everything else take care of itself. We still came out with the mindset that we have to win.

    On the stretch run of the season:
    When everyone knows we need the victories, you have to be dependable. When people are dependable on you, you play to a certain level. We could have been playing like that all season, but we have to do what we have to do now.

    On the game:
    The start was really important and that we didnít let up. Knowing they werenít going to play their starters that much and that Lauren wasnít going to start, we didnít want to relax.

    On the stretch run of the season:
    We can only control ourselves and canít worry about what other teams are going to do. All we can do is worry about our game and not what other people are doing.

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