Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 111, Tulsa 65

Live From Press Row
  • The 46-point margin of victory was the largest in WNBA history - previously 45 by Houston at Washington on Aug. 17, 1998 (110-65).
  • The Storm's largest win had been by 41 points vs. PHO on June 19, 2002.
  • The Storm tied the team scoring record (previously vs. Phoenix on Aug. 4, 2007 and at Phoenix on July 14, 2010 in 3OT). It's the fourth time in team history the Storm has scored triple-digits and first not against the Mercury.
  • Seattle's 57 rebounds were a new WNBA record, surpassing San Antonio's 56 vs. Minnesota on June 16, 2006.
  • With 23 offensive boards, the Storm tied a team record (vs. PHO, 6/11/08).
  • Jana VeselŠ scored a career-high 11 points, while Abby Bishop set career highs in both points (eight) and rebounds (five). Ashley Robinson's 10 points tied her career high.
  • Svetlana Abrosimova (20 points) led the team in scoring for the first time in 2010. Her eight assists were a season high.
  • Lauren Jackson (12 points, 10 rebounds) had her eighth double-double.
  • The Storm's magic number for clinching home-court advantage throughout the playoffs is down to one. An Indiana loss or Storm win will secure it.
  • The Storm remained undefeated at KeyArena (15-0). Only the 2001 Sparks (16-0) have started the season with more consecutive home wins.
  • The Storm's 56 bench points crushed the previous season high (32). Three reserves were among seven Storm players in double-figures.
  • Seattle led by as many as 52 points.
  • The Storm's 60 first-half points were a season high (previously 55).
  • Aug. 7, 2010


    On the game:
    I thought our bench played well and did a lot of good things out there. What I liked was thatís not the easiest team to play against when theyíre pressing, and we did a good job of handling their pressure. We still had 17 turnovers, but the ball was moving so much more.

    On the difference from a loss to Tulsa earlier in the week:
    I just think itís mentality. Theyíre a little more tired. They played last night. There are a lot of variables that go into it. They got their win against us and I think that satisfied them, and I think they knew it was going to be tough in here. I donít think they got mentally ready to go. And this game meant something to us. We could secure some things today and I think everybody took that to heart.

    On the records set in the game:
    I was surprised that this was the largest margin of victory in the WNBA. That shocked me. I didnít think that. And we werenít trying to go there. We were just trying to play, and they were pressing, and we were just trying to attack. Thatís about the extent of it.


    On the game:
    I think losing to them at Tulsa definitely motivated us - the way that they were celebrating. I think thereís a saying, 'Donít wake a sleeping giant.' And thatís basically what happened. I think everyone on our team was motivated for this game. Itís nothing personal. You never want to lose a game and have another team celebrate like that. I know it probably affected everybody and we should probably thank them.

    On what made the difference for the Storm:
    We just came out aggressive. Obviously defense is where we get everything Ė for this team to get going. Thatís how we get started. Our defense was great and from there we just built on it.


    On the game:
    Obviously we came out very focused and did what we were supposed to do. We knew what we wanted to get done on the floor and I was really proud of how we played collectively as a team. A team beats you on their floor and we came back. I told the team to keep their foot on the gas and not take it off. I thought we got a lot of points in transition and I donít remember running that much offense. I give a lot credit to our defense. We did an excellent job of, when we double-teamed, getting our hands on a lot of balls.


    On the game and the celebration of her 10 years with the Storm:
    It was just a really fun night. It was special for me. I wish my family was here to see it, because that would have been awesome for them. It was great, an unreal night.

    On taking motivation from Tulsa's celebration after Tuesday's victory:
    I donít really care. People are going to say what theyíre going to say. To be honest, I think I would have had the same response if I was in their position beating a top team.

    On the game:
    Well, we played the best team and they just spanked us. It was the worst spanking weíve had, to tell you the truth. Coming away from L.A., playing as hard as we could there, then getting on a plane at 4:30 in the morning and playing again against the best team Ė nothing good happens usually when you do that. They played excellent basketball Ė shot the ball well, rebounded exceptionally well and did everything they had to do to beat us the way they did.

    On the Storm's rebounding:
    Rebounding was totally the difference, not only in the first quarter, but throughout the entire ballgame. We couldnít get a second shot and they could get two and three shots. They were quick to the ball and in the game we played before, we were quick to the ball. Tonight we had nothing left Ė no legs, balls were short, couldnít make a shot. We just didnít have anything tonight to play with.

    On playing back-to-back games:
    It was very tough, especially against a team like this. But thatís no excuse. We couldíve fought more than we did. We just have to stick together and move on. We have about five or six games to go and weíll try and get some wins there. We just have to stay positive and keep our heads up. Congratulations to Seattle Ė theyíre a great team. Congratulations to Lauren on her success in the WNBA. For us as a team, we have to regroup, practice hard and Ö we just have to stay tough mentally.

    On the difference between the teams' two meetings this week:
    To be honest, I think the difference was (last time) we had a day or so to prepare. But like I said, we canít make any excuses. Itís definitely very tough because we battled so hard last night against L.A. and then we come in here and they came out on fire. We canít do anything with a team like that. We just need to refocus, stay positive and continue to work hard.

    On the game:
    Thereís not much you can say when you get beat by 50. No legs. They came out with a ton of energy to begin with and they had a great crowd. We knew they were going to want to play well, being at home again. Some of our shots didnít go down when we needed them to and we just got ourselves in a hole and it just kept getting worse and worse.

    On the rebounding differential:
    Like everyone, it was frustrating. We just didnít go get them when we needed to and we didnít box out when we needed to. Itís just one of those things you canít say a whole lot about.

    On the difference between the two meetings:
    We played really, really well at home. We came out with a lot of fire and a lot of energy. I think we caught them by surprise at home so once you get on a roll, good things happen and it makes the game easier. Thatís what happened to us at home and then here you get down and it makes it harder to make a shot.

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