Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 83, Connecticut 82

Live From Press Row
  • With the win, the Storm surpassed the franchise record for season wins (previously 22 wins in 2008).
  • The Storm remained undefeated at KeyArena (14-0). Only the 2001 Los Angeles Sparks, who finished the season 16-0, have started the season with more consecutive home wins.
  • Seattle improved to 11-4 this season when trailing after three quarters.
  • Tanisha Wright hit the go-ahead free throws with 53.9 seconds left to play. The final score was the Storm's only lead in the fourth quarter.
  • Lauren Jackson scored 22 of her game-high 31 points in the first half. Jackson topped the 30-point mark for the fifth time this season.
  • With 21 points, Swin Cash scored 20-plus for the fifth time as well.
  • Le'coe Willingham grabbed a season-high five offensive boards.
  • Renee Montgomery recorded her first career double-double with 22 points and a career-high 10 assists. Montgomery topped 20 points for the fifth time in 2010.
  • Asjha Jones tied her season high with nine rebounds.
  • For the seventh time this season, Tina Charles (23) topped 20 points.
  • The Sun suffered its fourth straight loss.
  • The Storm's 28 second-chance points were a season high. Meanwhile, Connecticut had a season-low four second-chance points.
  • The Sun dropped to 11-2 when leading after three quarters.
  • The Storm allowed an opponent to shoot at least 50 percent for just the fourth time all year (4-0 in those games).
  • Aug. 5, 2010


    On the game:
    I thought Connecticut played well tonight. They played really well in the fourth quarter. I thought the last four minutes of the game we finally decided to get them guarded, we were really active defensively and we executed sharply on the offensive end. Itís good to have to go through that because we know weíre going to have to do that in a couple of weeks.

    On the Storm's level of play compared to back-to-back losses:
    That was so much better than what weíve been through the last couple of games. And even if we would have walked away here with a loss, it would have been so much better - just our effort and our ability to play with the intensity that we need. I wouldnít have been happy with the loss, but I would have felt really good about how we played. It was an improvement over the last two games.


    On whether she doubted the Storm would win:
    You donít actually think doubt when youíre playing. I knew when they had a five-point lead with two minutes to go it would be tough, but I knew we had the ability to win the game based on previous experiences.

    On the Storm's level of play:
    This game I think for us we didnít really play our best tonight. Iím sure Connecticut is over there kicking themselves because they had control of the game in the second half - just being honest. For us to dig deep and find a way to win was important, because when you lose two people start asking, 'Whatís wrong? Whatís happening?' Even though we didnít play our best, we won and everyone can be at ease a little bit. We know we need to work on some things and get back to where we were a few weeks ago. Everyone knows that and weíre focused.

    On the Storm's defense:
    Our defense is definitely what won us this game. They had some players playing well and making great plays. They werenít doing anything complicated. I would love to know how many times they ran a pick-and-roll. Thatís all they ran. They have personnel that makes it very difficult to guard that, like putting players in a spot where you couldnít help. It was just very difficult. Our defense was tested.


    On staying undefeated at home:
    I was always told in college to defend your home court. In college we took a lot of pride in that. We do that same thing here, but itís not about streaks or home court or away, itís about coming in every night and playing well.

    On the Storm's confidence in the fourth quarter:
    We have a lot of confidence in our defense. If youíre ever in our huddle, you donít hear us saying, 'Score, score.' Itís always defense and rebound. Itís always those things that we have to do on the defensive end. Itís always box out and finish with a rebound, those kinds of things. We have a lot of confidence in our defense and if we continue to play well, weíll be OK.


    On Tina Charles:
    Sheís everything sheís hyped up to be. I think that sheís obviously Rookie of the Year. Sheís great.

    On the game:
    I think everyone make huge plays. I think we played great defense. There is so much that we need to get better at and we know that. So we just need some time to practice.

    On the game:
    Bad poise. Shot-clock violation, go to sleep on a three by Sue Bird, get beat to a loose ball and a ridiculous foul. Thatís my take. It was a great game, but we didnít win. And now it puts us under .500 and we've got a lot of ground to make up.

    On Renee Montgomery's foul:
    Weíre all screaming, ĎJust play her!í Putting them on the line with the chance to go ahead? Itís crazy. We had the lead.

    On the design of the final play:
    The play was for Renee in the corner, Tina coming back to the post and, if wasnít there, to take a timeout. Obviously we didnít take a timeout.

    On youth being a factor down the stretch:
    I hope not. I hope not. Theyíve played enough games that those kinds of things should not happen. When you have a lead, why would you foul? When you have a timeout to use, use it if you donít like what you have. If you have a key player youíre supposed to block out on, block out. Right there is a microcosm of whatís happened to us a couple times.

    On defending Jackson:
    We did a pretty good job. The first three threes she made, she made one landing in the lap of the people in the front row, another one with her heels against the sideline with a hand in her face with the shot clock running out and the other one she made from three feet behind the line. She had nine points on highly contested three-point shots Ė thatís a great player right there. Thatís not bad defense, thatís her making a great play. But, to our guysí credit, they stuck with it and defended her in the second half and held her to nine points. We did a better job. Itís just a shame to waste this stuff.

    On having Asjha Jones defend Jackson:
    Yes, most of the time, because sheís always played her well. She understands positioning. Tina doesnít have the experience, even though sheís bigger. We brought DeMya (Walker) in to play her some and did a pretty good job on her for awhile. I thought we did a good job in the second half, but we gave it back at the end.

    On the crowd making a difference:
    I didnít think it did tonight. I think their confidence level in playing at home and playing together for so long is their biggest ally. I donít think we were scared or nervous Ö I just think they have more confidence right now because theyíve done it more times than we have. Thatís the biggest thing Ė they understand. Theyíve played together long enough to know that they can make plays. And they know whoís supposed to shoot it.

    On the game:
    Itís a tough loss. We just have to find ways to win down the stretch.

    On her big third quarter:
    Just trying to be aggressive. Itís not necessarily looking for a certain thing, like my shot or someone elseís Ė just being aggressive with whatever opens up and trying to find either my teammates or a shot for myself.

    On that aggressiveness being a factor in her late foul:
    Yeah, playing aggressive always. Sometimes you've just got to know when to be aggressive and when to not.

    On whether youth was a factor:
    Oh, no. My age will never affect my confidence on the court. Iím sure they were confident, but I know we were confident as well. Maybe our age might affect some of our decision-making Ö itís a tough loss.

    On the game:
    Like Renee said, itís a tough loss. We fought hard. Out of this whole season, this was the best start weíve had to a game. Usually we go down 10 and have to fight, fight, fight, but we came out hard and aggressive.

    On facing Jackson for the first time:
    It was kind of weird because thatís someone I look up to, being a post player and just watching her play in the league and throughout her whole career. Sheís a great player and sheís definitely MVP.

    On defending Jackson:
    Itís tough because she can step out. If you have a pick-and-roll, sheís definitely going to pick-and-pop. Thatís what she was doing. She can shoot beyond the arc. She has great hands and knows which way to turn if the defender is on the opposite side, so sheís just a great post player.

    On her connection with Montgomery from playing together at UConn:
    Definitely, that bond is always going to be there whenever weíre on the court together. We just try to go out there and play hard.

    On the final play:
    Lauren Jackson was playing on the high side as I was trying to clear out and Tan (White) was open, so Tan took the last shot.

    On taking encouragement from the game:
    Yeah, definitely. We know that weíre right there. We just have to keep our confidence up and not think that the season is over. We have to continue to fight towards the end. We just have to keep playing the way we came out in this game.

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