Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 75, Los Angeles 62

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  • The win was the Storm's sixth consecutive, the team's longest streak this season and tied for the second-best win streak in franchise history.
  • The Storm improved to 11-0 against Western Conference foes, including four wins against Los Angeles.
  • The Storm jumped out to a 13-0 run to start the game and the Sparks didnít score their first points until the 6:07 mark in the first quarter.
  • The Sparks outrebounded the Storm 36-31 behind 10 rebounds from Tina Thompson and Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton.
  • Wisdom-Hylton's 10 boards were a career high, while her 10 points tied a career high (previously done 6/11 at Seattle) and gave her the first double-double of her WNBA career.
  • The Sparks bench outscored the Stormís bench 28-12. Kristi Toliver scored 18 points off the bench.
  • The Sparks shot a season-low 33.9% from the field and dished out a season-low 12 assists in the game.
  • Tina Thompson recorded her second double-double in a row with 11 points and 10 rebounds.
  • The Storm improved to 3-0 when playing on Saturdays and 15-1 when scoring equal to or greater than 75 points.
  • The Storm is also 2-0 when being outrebounded, 13-1 when scoring more points in the paint than the opponent and 11-1 when holding their opponents under 45% from the field.
  • The Sparks fell to 0-4 on Saturdays, 0-9 when shooting less than 45% and 0-7 when trailing at the half.
  • July 3, 2010


    On Lauren Jackson suffering a concussion:
    She got wacked in the first quarter. Everybody saw this, it was the same thing, same person, same game, same team Ė thereís a common denominator. Itís unfortunate that the referees arenít ready for it because Iíve said enough things to the officials, but it goes on deaf ears and it happens every game. We didnít know about the concussion until after the game when she voiced her issues.

    On the game:
    I was really pleased with how we hung in there. There were opportunities when we couldíve folded. We werenít quite as energized in the third quarter. The Sparks were trying to get different people isolated on mismatches. For the most part, it worked. (Kristi) Toliver obviously got it going a little bit and we had a hard time staying with her. They got some second shots on us, which is not what weíre used to. I think theyíre a team thatís improving right now.

    On Sue Bird's game:
    I thought Sue played a really good game. Obviously, she hasnít done a whole lot for a little bit over a week now. You could tell on her shot that it wasnít quite as consistent because she had some wide-open looks that she normally hits. But at the same time, she hit some big shots for us.


    On suffering a possible concussion:
    After I got hit the first time, I felt like that was it. I donít even remember the rest of it. I couldnít really remember what happened after that; I was just playing. It doesnít even bother me.

    On playing against DeLisha Milton-Jones:
    It feels like every single game we play against DeLisha and those guys, everybody knows sheís a thug. Itís ridiculous to me. I donít really care; Iím just glad we won.


    On the game:
    I know they donít have a good record, but they play basketball too. Theyíre functioning people so theyíre good. For them, theyíre on their home court, similar to what happened the last time we played down here. Teams are going to make runs and itís what you do in reaction to that. Thatís what makes this team so good right now. Itís that weíre able to react to those things and handle them. For us, itís not to turn the ball over. We had only eight turnovers in the game. It was about taking care of the ball, hitting some timely shots - everybody in this room did it at some point - and getting some stops when we needed them. It came down to that and we were able to hold them off

    On her shot attempts:
    They felt good. Sometimes they go, sometimes they donít, so Iím not really worried about that. They all felt pretty good.

    On Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton:
    Sheís definitely an energy player. I donít necessarily think they run isolation plays for her. I donít think theyíre looking to take advantage of any mismatches but she gets offensive rebounds. She seems to be always at the right place at the right time, getting loose balls and tipping the ball. Sheís one dirty-work player that works for them. Wisdom-Hylton can get in there and wreak havoc.

    On Milton-Jones' physical play:
    Thatís how she plays. Itís nothing new. It gets frustrating when you feel like sheís getting away with something and taking a cheap shot. Thatís just how she plays; you've got to play through it.

    On the game:
    Weíve improved in an area that weíve been fighting all year Ė well, two areas Ė in rebounding and the third-quarter massacre. I thought we won the battle in the third quarter. We won the third quarter and we outrebounded them, but we just couldnít put the ball in the basket tonight. I thought that that was the difference in the game. And that happens some nights. There are going to be nights where you have great shooting nights and sometimes you donít. So at least we improved on some things weíve been working on. Even though we lost tonight, it keeps me positive knowing that this team is ready to get after it and ready to try to finish this season.

    On using a zone defense:
    Seattle were streaky-hot the first half. I mean, they were making shots with a hand in the face. They just came out on fire. When teams are hot like that, thereís not a whole lot you can do. We made some adjustments and of course they werenít quite as hot as they were in the beginning. I donít think our man-to-man defense was as aggressive as it was last game. I thought when we did go to our zone, we were much more aggressive and relied on help. I really was impressed with that tonight Ė our zone defense.

    On whether fatigue set in:
    No, I just thought we made our run in the third quarter, and then they came back in the fourth quarter. I think it made it look like we were tired, but I donít think we were. I just think they were making huge shots in the fourth quarter like they did in the first quarter. I think that thatís why they won the game tonight.

    On the difference between the halves:
    Obviously you want to come out with energy in both. I think in the third quarter we played a lot better than we usually do, so thatís the main plus for us. But down the stretch, I think we need to get more people involved working the ball inside-out. We were getting everyone involved, we were getting everyone touches in the first half and not so much in the second half. With a team like Seattle that switches everything, we needed to get our bigs involved.

    On shooting poorly:
    Yeah, I mean Seattle came out hot and we didnít. Sometimes it happens that way. Obviously Seattleís a very good defensive team. They were applying a little bit of pressure, but I think it was just one of those days. We were getting good looks, but we didnít really knock the easy ones down. There will be days when we shoot better, so weíll be fine.

    On the Storm pulling away:
    They made three-point shots down the stretch. Sue made a couple, Swin (Cash) made a couple. Obviously, at halftime, they adjusted to us playing in the zone and they were able to get three easy, quick three-point shots, so that made a difference right away from the first half to the second.

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