Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 79, Los Angeles 75

Game at a Glance
  • The Sparks played in their first outdoor game in franchise history in the Home Depot Centerís Tennis Stadium in front of a crowd of 6,026.
  • The Sparks fell to 1-6 for the first time in franchise history in the loss against the Storm.
  • The night was perfect for an outdoor game with the starting temperature at 70 degrees and the ending temperature at 65 degrees.
  • The Sparks won the battle in the paint with 34 points to the Stormís 30.
  • The Storm had 17 second chance points off of 11 rebounds compared to just 13 second chance points and eight offensive rebounds for the Sparks.
  • The Storm outrebounded the Sparks 32-27, had more assists, 19-14 and committed less turnovers, 11-13 in their win.
  • The Sparks grabbed a season-low 27 rebounds in the game, had a season-low 14 assists and had a season-high 28 points in the fourth quarter during the run.
  • The Storm are now 2-0 when playing on Saturdays and 1-0 when playing outside.
  • The Sparks dropped to 0-3 when playing on Saturdays and 0-1 when playing outdoors.
  • Sparks star forward Candace Parker just missed her seventh double-double in as many games with 24 points and eight rebounds.
  • Sue Bird led the Storm who had four players in double figures with 22 points and 6 assists.
  • June 5, 2010


    On starting the season 7-1:
    Thatís not our focus. What we talked about in the locker room was one minute on the game we played and how we showed a lot of toughness. Conference wins are worth double. It gives opponents a loss as well as us a win in conference.

    On how Los Angeles defended Tanisha Wright:
    The Sparks really congested the lane and made it tough for her to get going.

    On playing an outdoor game in Seattle:
    It would have to be in September. The postseason would be the only time weather would cooperate. It was a good experience; the players were excited about trying it. However, players were slipping out there. This is good on occasion, as it is not traditional, but we love our arena.


    On playing outdoors:
    It felt really nice. I donít feel like the game was really affected by the wind. It was a really cool venue.

    On starting the season 7-1:
    Itís still early. We are just trying to get better and be our best for playoff time.

    On surviving a late run:
    Tonight, it was huge to get off to a good start. With four minutes left we felt the Sparks desperation and they were successful. We knew a run was coming and basketball is a game of runs. We ran two plays that worked and in an end of game situation you will see pick and rolls.

    On the game:
    I thought that we didnít come out with the energy that we needed at the beginning of the first and third quarters, but I did see some mental toughness in this team tonight against probably one of the best teams in the league right now. We really could have buried ourselves in the first quarter when they took that huge lead on us, but this team, coming off a back-to-back fought really hard. I thought we got some good bench production tonight from Lindsay Wisdom-Hyton and Betty (Lennox). I think this team is slowly coming together. Itís taken longer than I thought it should have, but Iíve really seen some progress. Against Phoenix, I saw some progress, and even tonight.

    On playing outside:
    I thought it was a great experience, I really did. It was much more fun than I thought it would be. I thought the energy was great and the atmosphere was great. The weather was perfect. Itíd be great for the league if they continued to do this.

    On the team's energy:
    You can control your energy; fatigue you canít control. I think we came out sluggish in the first quarter and third quarter, but if we had it at the end of the game, we could have brought it at the beginning. I think we played hard. That wasnít the issue. Did we play in spurts? Yeah. I think when we needed to down the stretch, we locked down and were able to take them out of their sets.

    On playing outside:
    I donít think once you got into the moment and into the game you really thought about it. The atmosphere was fun. I thought it was great for the fans.

    On the team's offense:
    Weíre definitely taking what the defense is giving us, for sure. That helps and thatís what makes for well-rounded scoring like we had today. Just defensively and assignments, we have to continue to execute those. We have lapses at certain times. We have to finish, especially when the game is on the line, or when weíre in a situation where weíre fighting back.

    On playing a back-to-back:
    I think that we could have done better because we played hard and gave a lot of effort throughout the game, but we had some mental mistakes. I donít know if that was from fatigue or just bad decision-making. But I think for coming off of a back-to-back, our energy level was rather high.