Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 84, San Antonio 56

Game at a Glance
  • The Storm led the Silver Stars by 22 at the half and extended the lead to 35 with a 13-0 run to start the third quarter.
  • The 28-point margin of victory was the third largest in a road game in Storm history.
  • Lauren Jackson led the Storm with a season-high 27 points. She is averaging 19.0 points per game on the season.
  • The Storm outscored the Silver Stars 10-3 in fast break points.
  • Seattle outrebounded San Antonio 38-29.
  • The starters for the Storm committed only two turnovers; the team totaled eight turnovers in the game
  • The Silver Stars turned the ball over 14 times leading to 15 Storm points.
  • San Antonio made 18 shots in 55 attempts, both of which were season lows.
  • Roneeka Hodges came off the bench to lead the Silver Stars in scoring with a season-high 12 points. She was also the only Silver Star to finish in double figures.
  • San Antonio was outscored 42-18 in the paint.
  • None of the Silver Stars starters scored in the second half. They combined for 24 points.
  • Rookie Jayne Appel scored her first WNBA career points with 7:01 remaining in the game. She finished the game with two points and five rebounds.
  • May 30, 2010


    On the game:
    I think that the people that have been here really took to heart what was said (after the loss at Chicago) and applied it. Thatís the main thing; you can always listen and hear, but applying it is another thing. If you look at the statistics, our starters only had two turnovers the whole night. Across the board, those five people really played well, and when we subbed in with Svet (Abrosimova), Leícoe (Willingham), and Ashley Robinson we didnít drop off defensively and thatís whatís important.

    On starting the second half with a 13-0 run:
    You donít ever see that, usually you see a response from the other team. It was huge, I was more impressed with them scoring zero than I was with us scoring thirteen. I just didnít want them to get off to a great start.

    On whether this will be the real Storm team:
    It will be if itís consistent. We have a huge game on Tuesday with Atlanta. They're an extremely good team. They might be the most difficult team in the league to defend. So we will see. Iím glad we responded the way we did from playing in Chicago, but we need to sustain it.


    On the game:
    I feel very confident with this team, so if Iím not playing very well I have those four other people who will step up. I think tonight we clicked and played really well together, so I just think that how we can play generally.

    On San Antonio's poor shooting:
    I didnít even think about it, and I didnít really know. We have to get better and the only way we can do that is to play like that for full games. The last few games we havenít been satisfied, and were still not.


    On the game:
    We just tried to be aggressive tonight on both ends. We had a bad game the last game, so today we really wanted to focus on us and make sure we did what we needed to do.

    On improving since the loss at Chicago:
    It was good to see the see the things we can work on and the things that we can fix. I think we did a really good job just excluding them on the offensive end and just locking in on both ends.

    On the game:
    I have a lot of thoughts on the game. (Seattle) is a great team and we knew that coming in. They have good chemistry and theyíre well coached. But once again, we played into their hands by not moving the ball. And that starts with our defense. They were a lot more physical than we were and that really took us out of the play. We can learn a lot from them. We need to get more discipline. We need to take ownership individually for what we do and collectively as a group because sometimes we over help when we shouldnít and that creates shots for them and sometimes we donít help where we shouldíve. The chemistry factor comes into play, but we need to lock down. I take ownership for that too because we need to get them to execute and play the way we want to play.

    On pulling the team's starters in the third quarter:
    I thought I tried them for as long as I could and thought it was the time we could use some energy players. The other kids have been working hard and it was a good chance to get them on the court and get them that experience and maybe they could get us that little bump that we needed. They fought hard but we were just outplayed in every aspect of the game. Lauren Jackson was just a handful for us. Theyíre very disciplined and sometimes thatís what we need a little bit more. We know we need to get better but weíre not going to panic at this stage. Each person, including coaches, needs to look at what we need to improve on and thatís how weíre going to make each other better.

    On the team's on-court chemistry:
    We have really poor starts. And itís hard at the moment because Becky isnít in training. Itís hard when you put one of your main players in the game and theyíre not training. And itís tough because weíre still trying to integrate (Michelle Snow) and Chamique (Holdsclaw). Theyíre still new to our team base and what we run is a little bit different than what theyíre used to. I think weíre being a little too thoughtful when we play and we need to be a little more instinctful.

    On the game:
    They were a lot more physical than we were and we didnít respond to that. We knew that they were a more physical team and a more veteran team and weíre just going to have to execute our plays and get more disciplined, which is what weíve been saying the last week or so.

    On the team's chemistry:
    We know itís going to take time. Itís a new team with a different rotation and itís going to take time. We have to buckle down and be disciplined and use our experience to our advantage. Just discipline. Thatís the bottom line. Just discipline and execution.

    On dealing with physical play:
    Thatís just effort. When you play a physical team, it comes down to everybody. We have to rebound as a team. We have to play physical as a team and help each other. If we do that, then we keep them off the boards.

    On responding to the loss:
    Sometimes youíre going to have nights when things just donít go right for you. And you just have to stick together as a team and come back into practice and really focus on running things the way we say weíre going to run things and do what we say weíre going to do and executing that.

    Itís an embarrassing loss. Iím glad itís early in the season and we can learn from it. We can only show that with our next game and our next performance.

    On the game:
    It was a really tough night for us. We started off really badly and we just couldnít catch up. Seattle is a really great team. They showed us how weíre supposed to play basketball tonight.

    On the team's defense:
    We had some turnovers, but we played some really bad defense also. They were able to score almost any time they wanted with easy looks like layups and open threes. We have to be more disciplined. We didnít execute the plans that we had and they were a lot more physical as well.