Postgame Quotes/Notes - Chicago 84, Storm 75

Game at a Glance
  • The Sky (1-4) recorded its first win of the season tonight.
  • The Storm (4-1) suffered its first loss of the season tonight.
  • The Sky bench outscored the Storm bench 34-28.
  • The Sky ended the third quarter on a 10-2 run to open up a 65-48 lead to start the fourth quarter. Key three-pointers by Cathrine Kraayeveld and Erin Thorn opened up the 17-point lead.
  • The Sky moves to 1-1 on the season at its new home, Allstate Arena
  • The Sky bench contributed 34 points in the victory, led by Erin Thorn and Epiphanny Prince, who each added 13.
  • Sylvia Fowles had 19 points to go along with her team-leading 8 rebounds.
  • With tonightís game Jia Perkins surpassed Candice Dupree for the Sky all-time record for career games played at 136.
  • Dominique Canty scored her 2400th point of her career and handed out 300th assist to become the 21st player in WNBA history to reach the 300 mark.
  • The Storm went on a 21-7 run in the fourth quarter, but eventually came up short.
  • Center Lauren Jackson had a double-double with 15 points and 11 rebounds.
  • The Storm had four players score in double-figures, including 13 points off the bench from forward Svetlana Abrosimova
  • May 27, 2010


    On the game:
    We didnít play well tonight. We need to regroup. Every team in this league is good and if you donít play well, youíre not going to win games. We didnít shoot the ball very well and our defense wasnít very good.

    On the Storm's defense:
    From our standard our defense is below average right now. In the past four games and weíve had stretches were we play good defense but we havenít put a full defensive game together the way I expect our team to do.

    On the bench's play:
    It was good to get them some experience and to be able to see them compete out there. Svetlana (Abrosimova) really scored for us in a big way.

    On sticking with his reserves down the stretch:
    Eight minutes left in the game and we just werenít getting it going. I put a group in and they started making a run so why change? Why go back? They were doing a great job so we stayed right with it.


    On the Sky:
    We knew coming in that they were going to be very energized not winning a game yet and being on their home floor.

    On the Storm's defense:
    Weíre a team that over the last couple of years under Brian our identity has been all about defense and we still want that to be out identity. Today none of that was happening out there.

    They hit shots. Sylvia (Fowles) played well. For us, we like to rely on our defense and generally speaking, even in the first four games of our season last year and the year before, even when shots werenít falling, we could rely on our defense. And it would give us opportunities. Today, we chipped the score down a little bit and they would come down and score. We just werenít getting stops when we needed to.


    On the game:
    We didnít play well at all. We didnít play well defensively at all and I feel like once we get our defense going, our offense sort of flows from there.

    On the Storm's defense:
    If we canít play defense, itís impossible to get our offense going. We just need to work on that and get ready for the next game. We didnít get any stops. We didnít help each other defensively. We didnít play how we normally play defensively. We are known as a defensive team and tonight we just didnít show it at all.

    On the run made by the Storm's bench:
    It gets difficult because of the different personnel. The scout is different because they havenít played a lot.

    On rebounding:
    Even though they didnít kill us, they were able to make open shots. What killed us was giving up all those offensive rebounds. They had 20, but they got seven of them in the last three minutes. If youíre going to try and hold onto a 17-point lead, that just canít be.

    On Fowles:
    She was great. She got us off to a great start. She went right at Lauren. That was one of the things we said we wanted to do. They are a good team, they are well coached and well organized, but they are not a very deep team. If you look at their first four games their starting five or sixth and seventh man are playing over 32 minutes a game. I think Sue Bird has played a couple of times over 39-plus minutes.

    On the Storm comeback:
    The last five minutes of the game were shaky, but luckily we practice for situations like this throughout the week and we were prepared for anything they were going to throw at us. We got a little too anxious and got away from what we were doing for the 36 minutes before hand.

    On rebounding:
    We are going to have to correct that very quickly because going to Minnesota, we know the Lynx crash the boards real well and we canít make the same mistakes we did tonight.

    On getting scoring off the bench:
    Thatís the beauty of our team. Our starters are great, but our bench can really give us some willpower when we need it and put some big points on the board.

    On her shooting:
    It felt really good tonight. I have been putting in some extra work shooting with the coaching staff and trying to get some shots up during the game, and today everything was falling and feeling good.

    On the bench's play:
    Our whole focus this week in practice has been wanting to push the starters. That made for some real good practices, and that really helped us coming into this game being ready to go when we got the call.

    On the Storm's comeback:
    We lost focus. We gave up too many offensive rebounds, which in turn put them back in the game, not just in the end but throughout the entire game. If we correct that even a little bit, they probably donít get back into this game.