Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 75, Los Angeles 74 (Game 2)

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  • The Storm scored the game-winning basket on Camille Little's layup with 5.0 seconds remaining after a Sparks turnover inbounding the ball.
  • The Storm trailed by as many as 11 points and was down four with 14.3 seconds left before Sue Bird's three-pointer.
  • For the second straight year, these teams split the first two games and will play a deciding Game 3, with the home team winning both Games 1 and 2.
  • Lisa Leslie grabbed 14 rebounds, the most by any WNBA player in the postseason thus far.
  • Leslie had eight offensive rebounds, tying the most she has grabbed in any game in her career, playoffs or regular season (previously 8/24/01 vs. UTA).
  • Only Chasity Melvin (nine for WAS vs. CON, 8/20/06) has ever had more offensive rebounds in a WNBA Playoff game.
  • Tanisha Wright handed out nine assists, the most she has ever had in a WNBA game. Previously, her career high was seven, done five times.
  • For the second straight game, Swin Cash led all scorers with 18 points.
  • Betty Lennox led L.A. with 17 points off the bench, 9 in the fourth quarter.
  • The Sparks grabbed as many offensive rebounds as the Storm had defensive rebounds (17 apiece). In the second half, the margin was 12-9.
  • The Storm's 61.5% three-point shooting was the team's best mark of the season (previously 57.1% twice).
  • Suzy Batkovic-Brown tied her career high with three blocks.
  • The Storm outscored L.A. 22-12 in the third quarter, including a 14-2 run.
  • September 18, 2009

    On Sue Bird's late three-pointer:
    We were just trying to get a basket, trying to get a score, obviously get Sue a shot if we could. (A three) wasnít a necessity because we just wanted to get on the scoreboard and extend the game a little bit. Fortunately, she hit the three, which sheís done numerous times this year in the clutch, whether it be a game-winner or to extend the game whatever it might be. And then we just made a play defensively after that.

    On whether he thought the game was over when the Storm trailed by four with 10 seconds left:
    No, because we have a team that plays with an extreme amount of heart. I think anybody who has played against us or watched us play knows that weíre going to play with a lot of effort and energy. Weíve got people out there who arenít going to quit. Now, did it look good for us for a second? No, it didnít look good. But Camille (Little) and Tanisha (Wright) defensively just made a great play. We got an opportunity to make a layup and weíre playing Sunday.

    On his message at halftime:
    We had a calm conversation and made some adjustments. We knew we had to get a little bit more active. I donít think there was any secret ingredient. We just came out and played with energy. It didnít happen right away. We didnít jump on them right away and get back into the game. It took a while. We were fortunate tonight, there is no question. Theyíve got a great team. We had a chance to make a couple plays when we needed to and we did. It didnít look good there for a while.

    On the end of the game:
    I donít think you can write that. That was an incredible finish for us. Those are the types of games that Ö I donít even know. We were down four with 10 seconds left, and you stay in the game but you never really know whatís going to happen. We really did a great job of just giving ourselves opportunities. Like I said, you canít write that. I mean getting a steal when you actually need it to win the game? That doesnít happen very often.

    On her late three-pointer:
    The play was just to try to get me the ball at the top of the key for a shot. And when youíre in a do-or-die situation, it wasnít drawn up for me to have to fake and double-pump a little bit, but Iím glad it went in.

    On Sunday's Game 3:
    So far both games have been very physical. A lot of these games are mental. Whatever team makes a mistake, the other team capitalizes on it. We just need to stick to our game plan. I expect a fired-up L.A. team. I wouldnít blame them. So weíre going to have to match their intensity, if not exceed it.

    Iím sure L.A. is kicking themselves right now, but at the same time all of the talk in our huddle - particularly from Swin (Cash) - was the gameís not over yet. We still had the ability to foul, put them on the free throw line, we made a couple of shots and we were able to steal it. You have to have that mentality; otherwise youíll never win.

    On the game:
    I thought it was a very good basketball game. We had an opportunity to win, but thatís the fun part about basketball Ė itís not over until that last second ticks off and the clock says 00. Unfortunately for us, today when it did that, the Seattle Storm was on top.

    On the closing seconds:
    It was our inability to get the ball in and I think that was the biggest thing. Our defense Ö we were switching everything and we let Sue get open for a shot. Without Lauren Jackson, sheís the most dangerous player on the floor at all times. Again, we kept her pretty quiet most of the game, but itís that last-second shot where sheís a big-time player in this league. She deserves all the accolades she gets and she showed you why. I thought we did a good job on her, though. She only got loose for that one basket. We donít necessarily prepare for Sue Bird; we prepare for the Storm because theyíre a very good basketball team.

    On his message to his team:
    You've got to get over it. Weíve got another one. Thatís why itís a three-game series. Again, all theyíve done is what they were supposed to do Ė won their home-court game. Thereís a third game to be played on Sunday and I guarantee itís going to be just as exciting as this one. Coach Pat Riley used to tell us in the playoffs that the playoffs donít begin until one team wins on the other teamís home court. And all they did is held serve.

    On turning over the inbound pass:
    Itís not about getting it inbounds. When a team is pressuring you like they were and switching and denying, sometimes itís difficult to get it in. But you have to make the right decision. Was that the right decision? Iím pretty sure Noelle (Quinn), if she had to do it over again, would make another one. But you canít second guess yourself at that time. You just have to get the ball where itís supposed to be and the people inbounds have to get their hands on it and hold on to it.

    On the game:
    It doesnít get any better, except that we didnít win. We just have to do it all over again on Sunday.

    On the Storm's second-half comeback:
    They did a good job of playing good defense. We just had way too many unforced turnovers. Our turnovers were ridiculous at one point.

    On outrebounding the Storm:
    Thatís nothing new - not for them, but just around the league. If we can keep our turnovers down and outrebound them, then shoot the same percentage, weíll be fine. The good thing is we have another game, another opportunity. Thatís what I love about playing basketball. We let that one get away so weíll be right back at it and ready to go.

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