Postgame Quotes/Notes - Los Angeles 70, Storm 63

Game at a Glance
  • Candace Parker notched her seventh double-double in a row and first of the postseason.
  • Both the Sparks and Storm had three players reach double figures in points.
  • The Stormís six points in the first quarter is the lowest point total in WNBA playoff history; Seattle only had one field goal in the quarter.
  • The Sparks outscored the Storm 24-16 in the paint.
  • The Sparks scored 14 points on second-chance buckets compared to 3 points for the Storm.
  • The Sparks were ahead at one point by 18 and the Storm closed that gap to within three.
  • The Sparks outrebounded the Storm 37-25 and improved to 16-12 when outrebounding their opponent.
  • Los Angeles improved to 16-4 over the 2009 season when leading after the third and 13-6 when leading at the half.
  • The Sparks improved to 16-4 when holding their opponents under 45% in field goals.
  • The Sparks shot a season-high 55.6% from beyond the arc compared to Seattleís 31.6%.
  • With the win, the Sparks improved to 7-2 against the Storm in playoff games, including 5-0 at the STAPLES Center.
  • The Storm outscored the Sparks in the second and third quarters but never led during the game.
  • With the win, the Sparks improved to 28-19 all-time in the playoffs and 15-7 in the Western Conference Semifinals.
  • September 16, 2009

    On playing short-handed:
    Well, weíre not at full strength, especially without having Lauren (Jackson). But we played the hand that we were dealt. We were like this a year ago Ė weíve played a lot of games in the last two years without her. We have the ability to play well without her, but tonight was not one of those nights.

    On Sue Bird's play:
    I think Sueís healthy, but she hasnít played for two weeks. Itís all about getting back in that rhythm. I felt like she didnít feel comfortable with her shot, she passed some up. Thatís usually a good sign, but sheís our best shooter, so sheís got to take those shots.

    On Jackson's absence:
    I donít know how long. Itís going to be a period of time, though, if she wants to do it the right way, which I think she does. Itís going to take time. Itís going to be more than days, probably multiple weeks. Sheís been out now for more than three weeks, so sheís made some improvement but itís going to take some time.

    On returning after missing the last two games of the regular season for personal reasons:
    I was able to work out while I was at home, so I wasnít just sitting around. My cardio was where I thought it should be. I just tried to come out and be aggressive throughout the game.

    On playing short-handed:
    Well, obviously Katie (Gearlds) is our three-point specialist, so she can stretch the defense and give our bigs more of an opportunity inside. With Lauren, you canít replace her; you have to do it by committee. We need to go inside more to free up some shots on the perimeter.

    On scoring a game-high 24 points:
    I thought I was OK. I was embarrassed that I only got one rebound on the stat sheet. I donít remember the last time that happened. I think they outrebounded us by 12 on the stat sheet. That is something I need to focus on for the next game. I stayed aggressive and shots were falling from the outside. I really tried to get to the free throw line.

    On the game:
    I thought it was a very raggedy type of game. On our behalf, we didnít do a lot of things well but we fought our way through it. There were a few little playoff jitters, but we were able to get the win. Seattle was a little short-handed, but they brought it all.

    On the L.A. defense:
    Our defense was good. We were doing some different things on Sue Bird. We knew her and Tanisha Wright were the ones they would go to, so we had to key in on them. These next two games they had some players that were out, Gearlds and Jackson, and thereís a good chance they play in these next two games, so we have to prepare for that.

    On the Storm's second-half adjustments:
    They made their adjustments. Thatís what the playoffs are about Ė making adjustments from quarter to quarter. Coach Aglerís teams are always going to play tough; theyíre going to make you think. We threw the ball away, we had a lot of turnovers - five in the first quarter, I believe. Theyíre a professional team; theyíre not going to take it lying down.

    On his team's rebounding:
    We had to get second and third looks. I thought we did a good job of rebounding against this team, but I thought our defense had a lot to do with that. But in the second half, they had it going, especially Swin Cash. We have to do a better job on her down there.

    On her performance:
    I think I just sucked in the first half, to be honest. Iím not saying they didnít play good defense, but I think I was just playing really soft, not finishing my shots inside and missing chippies. It was ridiculous. For me, I tried to regroup myself in the second half. You need to get more aggressive, get down on the block, and quit settling for jump shots. They werenít really double-teaming me that hard, so I felt I could get to the basket so and get to the free throw line.

    On getting halftime advice:
    Marie Ferdinand-Harris came up to me at halftime and said, 'You know, Lisa, you didnít shoot the ball that well in the first half, but thatís OK. Try to get to the free throw line.' When she told me that, I said 'OK.' That was my goal in the second half. Thanks, Marie!

    On outrebounding the Storm:
    I thought we made a very good effort to get on the boards, holding them to one shot. Defensively, we did a good job being aggressive and trying to get to the basket. We got to the bonus early and that was good - it was a sign of us getting aggressive. They kept telling us, just keep pounding it inside and donít settle for jump shots. We recognized that, and thatís a good thing. The Sparks of about six games ago would have just kept jacking up shots, but we didnít do that.

    On the game:
    We played all this season to get to this point, so we definitely didnít want to let the opportunity pass. We didnít want to leave anything on the floor and I wanted to come out and play my best.

    On the difference after a strong start:
    It was our defense. We played very aggressive; then we played lax and let them get comfortable. The team is still talented without Katie and Lauren. We knew they werenít going to play that way the whole game.

    On getting second chances:
    Thatís what we try to do all the time. We start a big lineup averaging 6-2 or 6-3. We definitely wanted to take advantage of offensive rebounds, especially against a smaller team. Of course we always want to make the first shot, but just in case we want to get the rebound.

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