Postgame Quotes - Washington 78, Storm 67

Game at a Glance
September 3, 2009

On the game:
I thought Washington was the aggressor tonight. Usually the aggressor gets the benefit of the doubt. I think thatís what happened tonight. The Mystics played good defense. They played with good energy and they played with a sense of urgency. We obviously were in foul trouble and we leaned on our bench. I thought we got good effort off our bench. We had some opportunities in the second half but we couldnít capitalize on them.

On losing the lead:
We got the lead in the third quarter and then the Mystics took it back. At that moment, we just couldnít get over the hump. We couldnít get stops and then we couldnít play without turning the ball over.

On the game:
I donít think that we played our best. In the first half, we had some turnovers that led to the Mystics getting some easy opportunities offensively but for the most part we stayed in the game. It came down to a couple of possessions where the Mystics were able to take the lead. Sometimes thatís the way it goes.

On the game:
This was obviously a great win for our team. We did not play Seattle very well when we played them at their home, but we have been working extremely hard. We had five players in double figures with our leading scorer sitting on the bench. Our bench came in and did a great job. Matee (Ajavon) started scoring very early and Marissa (Coleman) was great shooting the three. I felt that we had really established a post game, which was a big goal of ours. I thought that the presence of Nakia (Sanford), Chasity (Melvin), and Crystal (Langhorne) in the inside really made a big difference for us.

On playing without Alana Beard:
I think that our team does a great job of stepping up. We have had different people step up in different games and tonight everyone had to step up together. We have a great bench and we have people that can score. I thought that we were very disruptive with our defense. I also felt that we were much more aggressive than we were in Seattle because in Seattle we gave up a lot of threes. Matee did a great job on Sue Bird one-on-one. Different people really stepped tonight and Iím very proud of that.

On the fourth quarter:
I think that we needed to be aggressive in the fourth quarter because it was a tight game. I feel that at that point we needed to make a statement that we wanted to win the game. I told the team earlier that the season has now boiled down to 'who wants it more,' so we have to play hard.

On playing without Beard:
I donít think that we have a different strategy. Every game that we play, even with Alana, we try to play together and get everyone involved. We try to play inside-outside and tonight we played with that same concept. I think that we just need to continue to play aggressive. In the last few games we have been playing a lot of defense and I think that we need to make a statement through our defense

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