Postgame Quotes - Phoenix 61, Storm 58 (Preseason)

May 30, 2009

On the game:
Well, I thought we played two and a half pretty good quarters and then we got a little bit relaxed. We played against a hungry group of players out there. They had a group of players out there that were trying to make the team and they showed how bad they wanted to make it.

On Ashley Walker's play:
She had some good minutes out there; she has a nose for the basketball and played pretty well.

On Swin Cash's rehabilitation:
Sheís getting close. Sheís live in practice right now and sheís improving. I expect her to be fully healed by mid next week.

On the Storm's progress at the end of preseason:
I donít think some of our main people are in shape yet - they ran out of gas. We learned a little bit about individuals that could step up and make some plays, that sort of thing.

On the fourth quarter:
I think we kind of just lost our focus a little bit. Coach talked to us about it. We played a really good game up until that and we kind of just let down our guard and they just kept fighting and thatís what you saw.

On the Storm's progress:
We had some scrimmages in Vegas a couple days ago and it definitely brought some things to our attention which I know weíll work on in the next week leading up to our first game. But thatís what these preseason games are for. Of course you want to win and be competitive, but you also want to see where you are in terms of the team.

On Walker:
I thought she did great. Sheís just relentless on the boards. She never gives up. I know sheís undersized, but she really does make the most of the size she does have. She just keeps fighting; I was really impressed with her tonight.

On her expectations on the floor:
I just kind of go out there and play hard and play my game. I get rebounds and steals and get stops and when the ball comes into my hands I just try to score.

On possible playing time during the regular season:
If he (Coach Agler) wants me to be on the floor, I just have to keep being me and being more aggressive. We added more post players to the team, so I am just trying to get as many minutes as I can and play as hard as I can.

On the game:
Iím worried about the rebounds. We got outrebounded, and those rebounds gave them an extra 10 shots. We shot 58 times and they shot 71. Thatís usually flip-flopped. Usually we get 71 and they get 58.

On the Mercury reserves:
The second team came in and did the job. They cut the 12-point lead and won the game. But our energy wasnít what it was in Vegas. I donít know if we are tired or if the two-a-days are taking affect. But a win's a win.

On his rotation:
Everybody got a lot of playing time. The subs got into a nice flow. They played a quarter or five minutes at a time. We still have a couple of more days of practice.

On playing at home:
I think the first home game is important. It tells everything. Having our first game here at our home court is important. We have to win every game here, I think its vital. When we won the championship two years ago we had home-court advantage because we took care of our home court. So from the beginning I think its going to be very important.

On the Mercury as a team:
Last year we didnít have a good balance between our starters and our bench players. I think now we are beginning to see that our bench players are stepping up. They have all preseason and thatís great for us. When were are not able to play or we are not on top of our game, they can come in and keep the spark going. We have to be balanced to go further along in the playoffs, so it's looking really good. I'm happy about it.

On the fourth-quarter comeback:
Brooke (Smith) and Alison (Bales) did good down low getting some rebounds; on the defensive end we got a few stops, which got things going for us offensively. We have an offensive system here that us players have to trust it, because it's very good. It's very, very good. If we do it, and execute it well, we are going to get easy looks and buckets. I think thatís what we were able to do a little bit in the fourth quarter. But there is so much we need to improve on and so much we still need to build on.