Postgame Quotes - Los Angeles 76, Storm 62

June 24, 2008

On the game:
We didn't do a great job on the glass tonight. We played against a team that is exceptional in that area, and they took advantage of it.

On Candace Parker's performance:
She obviously had a great game. She is a great player. Thought we could have done a better job, but you know we have to learn from this and do better next time.

On the game:
They played really well and we didn't. I think it comes down to second-chance points and offensive rebounds for them. They were relentless on the glass offensively and it gave them second, third and fourth opportunities.

On what the Storm did well:
We did a couple of things good - all I can think about is their rebounding, though. We are a pretty good defensive team. We did make them take some shots they did not necessarily want to take, but with that we needed to get the ball on the rebound and we didn't. They are #1 in the league, and they have the top two rebounders in the league - this is their strength.

On the game:
I don't think we played really well. Candace was a standout again. They played a good, solid all-around game.

On the Storm:
I don't think we played that great in the first half; I think LA played better than us. All game it didn't feel like we were in our flow. To prepare for our next game, we have to work on everything - rebounding, shooting. It's OK though - we will get it back.

On the game:
This was a very well-played basketball game. I see our team is slowly but surely coming together. Sometimes a team can be laden with talent and the chemistry just doesn't work. These ladies are making it work. They are giving us their all effort, and they are not worried about or concerned about who plays as long as it gets done. I think our bench is coming along and it's always nice to have a good win against a very good basketball team. I think a lot of us have just seen history. In a women's basketball game there has never been a dunk back-to-back. You are going to see more: Candace Parker is very, very good.

On Parker's dunk:
What's impressive about her dunk is the ease of it and the way she does it with just one hand. I think you've never seen that. Most women have to grab it, but she just takes it off the dribble. She has those Dr. J hands where she can hold it in one hand and dunk it.

On her second dunk:
It feels good. Obviously it's great to do it in Los Angeles and get the crowd hyped and energetic. It's something about that basket, I guess.

On playing against the Storm:
Night in and night out we're going to play against a tough team like that. No night for us is a night off.

On the game:
I thought we played phenomenal defense. It was our team defense that really ignited our offense. I didn't necessarily shoot as well, but my teammates stepped up great. We did a great job on the boards and I think that was the reason for the win.

On facing the Storm:
They've got a lot of veterans; they've got heart. I like playing teams like that. When you know that you're playing against vets, you know that there are going to be a lot of tricks. You just have to have be able to be aware of it and play above it. Don't let them get to you.

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