Postgame Quotes - Detroit 77, Storm 67

June 4, 2008

On the game:
Katie Smith played a great game and Detroit had more to offer than we did tonight. We're not a team to make excuses and we came to play. This was our opportunity to come and get a win and we didn't do that.

On the team's turnovers:
We've had a pretty efficient basketball team all year long. Last night against New York we had 22 turnovers, which was our season high by far and tonight we had 16. If you're going to be a good basketball team in this league, you can't turn over the basketball. I think a lot of it comes from a lack of focus, lack of concentration. You have to remember that we are a new team. Although we have big names on this team and individuals who achieved a lot, this is a new evolution for this organization.

On the game:
We tried to get a win. Going back-to-back from the West Coast to New York is tough for us. We tried to come in and get a win, but it didn't happen like that. Katie was on fire and that was one of the best games I have seen her play. She was really feeling it and my hand was in her face and she made some really big shots. You have to give respect because she is a good player. One good thing is that we have them again on Saturday.

On returning to Detroit:
It was weird coming into the other locker room. I actually caught myself stepping off the bus and heading to the left instead of the right. I thought to myself, 'What are you doing?' I'm happy to see my family and I will spend some time with them while I am here.

On his team starting slowly:
I don't think we came out with the intensity necessary to compete every night and win basketball games every night. For whatever reason, this was not our best effort, but make no mistake - we will take the win. We didn't have the mental intensity that we want to play at. We found it in spurts and we lost it in spurts, but overall, we are fortunate that they were playing a back-to-back.

On the Shock's comeback:
I think our defense picked up intensity-wise. We controlled the boards for a period of time; that's when we were at our best. Other then that it was just an average effort for a lot of people.

On having a big game on her birthday:
It is great. I'm just glad we won on my birthday. I didn't really want to go home on a loss. I thought we were being aggressive and we were able to bank some shots when needed and everyone contributed at different points. Our defense was revved up after first quarter.

On playing all 40 minutes and being an Olympian at her age:
That is my life! That is my life, 35 and above, that is about what my life has been the last three years. I'm excited about being on Team USA again. We have a lot of work to do. It's not going to be easy. We've got to get ourselves back on top after the World Championships. We've got to put it together quickly, but hopefully I'll stay healthy this year to be able to contribute.

On her late injury:
I caught a knee to the thigh, so I'm a little soar and a little stiff so I was on the side lines just trying to keep it stretched and loose. Something else to ice now.

On the team's upcoming West Coast road trip:
We are in a good situation but we would like to be in an even better one, especially with injuries trying to get to 100 percent. But we are going out west and we know that is going to need a lot of focus from our end to go out there and play as a team.

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