Postgame Quotes - San Antonio 87, Storm 72

May 24, 2008

On his team's turnovers:
In the first half we had 14; we had one in the second. That's what put us in the hole early. We fought back. We had opportunities and they stayed persistent. They're a very persistent team. They stay with you offensively and defensively. They don't relax and they don't break down. That was the difference in the game.

On whether his team ran out of time for another comeback:
We didn't run out of time. They were pulling away from us in the end. I think that we had a couple opportunities to break the ice and get through and we didn't take advantage of it. I think we cut it to six a couple times and had possession of the basketball and couldn't get over the hump to cut it to four or three. In the past we've been able to do that.

On whether the Silver Stars look different this season:
They look different from Ann Wauters. Ann Wauters is going to be a presence there. Obviously they're going to have a hard time playing Ruth Riley a lot of minutes because they'll keep Ann on the floor. They're going to be improved in the post for sure. Then they've got Erin Buescher, who can play the three or the four, so they have a good rotation.

On next week's rematch with San Antonio:
They're going to come up ready to go, and we're going to watch some film and see if we can improve.

Our focus right now is going to be on ourselves, just trying to improve - figure out what our rotation is going to be. There's a lot we can still learn about our team.

On the game:
We just started off slow. I think we were trying to force things on the offensive end. Sometimes when you start turning the ball over it's really hard to keep getting back on the defensive end. We just weren't getting a lot of movement and continuity out there.

On areas of focus for practice:
I think just playing solid team defense. I think today we left some people out there to dry a lot. There should never be a time when we are playing one-on-one defense - the team should always feel pressure from our weak side, and we didn't really have that today.

We also need to work on our transition. We weren't matching up. It doesn't matter who you match up with, you just have to grab people and defend. I think we just have to go back to the film and see what went wrong and what we have to work on.

On the Silver Stars:
They're a very good team. You can tell that they've had a year together and it's their second year together now. They're very comfortable. On offense, they do a great job of moving the ball, finding the open person. They're patient both on offense and on defense, and I think that just comes from the fact that they are comfortable with each other. You can sense that.

On the matchup with Becky Hammon:
She's their go-to player. A lot of what they do is for her, whether it's pick-and-rolls, hand-offs, coming off screens. When she was open she knocked down shots. A lot of that came in transition which is disappointing for us because that's just being able to match up and guarding the people who are open. Becky is a really good player.

On trying to come back:
I guess that's one good thing that's come from having to play from behind in our first four games. That's one positive that we can take and use to our advantage later on, but we don't want to be down. We want to get off to better starts.


On the game:
I thought this game was very typical to the types of games Seattle has won recently. I was pleased that we fought back in a way after they made their run, and I think what helped us was that this was their fourth game in eight days, but they are a very confident team, a good team, and I compliment them. I think they are going to be a real factor in the WNBA, so when you get a win over a team like that you feel good about it.

On San Antonio's second-half shooting:
The perimeter shooting was the key, as they have done a great job of really using that factor in that situation. For Erin to knock down a couple of threes, Becky got available, and I feel overall we did a better job of screening, penetrating, as we had more space to finish the plays. I think Becky is such a great player as they played a marvelous job on her as they obviously showed her a lot of attention, but nevertheless she is consistent. She just keeps working through persistence and just finding space and having the knowledge to know where things are.

On Sophia Young's tenacity:
Sophia Young is something else; that's what I love about her. That's the heart of her package, as she is very dependable in those situations to compete at a premium level and it just marvels me sometimes at when she goes to work. We are starting to understand how to play with some of these players as we are beginning to see things such as spacing. We still have a lot of work to do to get it where we want.

On stopping the Storm's third-quarter run:
We just had to buckle down defensively. We know that they are a second-half team so we knew that we had to take away shots and make it difficult for them.

On the Storm's talented lineup:
They have some really good players, but so do we. They are a really good team with Coach Agler leading the pack and we respect them, but we're not afraid of anybody. So we went out there, had fun, and played our type of ball and played at our tempo.

On slowing down Lauren Jackson:
We knew that they were going to go to her as she is one of their main players, so we tried to stop her and tried to limit her shots. She got a little run at the end there but we were able to get the win.

On getting into a rhythm on offense:
I think for me to be aggressive offensively really helps our team. They say I'm a floor leader, a general, but I have to look for my shot inside so that way I can influence other shooters around me.

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