Postgame Quotes/Notes - Houston 75, Storm 58 (Game 3)

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  • The Comets became just the seventh team in WNBA history to win Game 3 on the road (they're now 7-18).
  • Houston joined the 2001 Charlotte Sting (at NYL) as the only teams in WNBA history to win a three-game series despite losing Game 1 at home.
  • The Comets advanced to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2000, the last of their four championships. They'll face the Sacramento Monarchs beginning Thursday in Houston.
  • The Storm lost in the playoffs for the first time since the 2002 Semifinals vs. Los Angeles and suffered the first Game 3 loss in franchise history (now 2-1).
  • Seattle is the third straight WNBA Champion to fail to repeat and the second straight eliminated in the Semifinals.
  • The game tied the worst loss in Storm playoff history (also 78-61 vs. LAS on 8/15/02).
  • Sheryl Swoopes had 14 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists for the first triple-double in WNBA playoff history. Swoopes, who previously had the first triple-double in WNBA history on 7/27/99, set a career playoff high for assists.
  • Swoopes had nine assists in the first half, tying the WNBA Playoffs record for a half (previously done by Teresa Weatherspoon of NYL vs. CHA on 8/24/02). Swoopes also became Houston's all-time leading playoff scorer with 452 points, passing Cynthia Cooper.
  • Dominique Canty's 15 points were a career playoff high and the first time she's scored double-figures.
  • Five Comets players scored double-figures.
  • Houston used runs of 19-7 and 9-0 in the first half to take the lead.
  • The Comets shot 20-for-30 (66.7%) in the first half. Houston finished shooting a franchise playoff record 53.8%
  • Sue Bird finished the series shooting just 2-for-15 from 3-point range.
  • The Storm shot 3-for-15 on 3s (20%) and finished the series 11-for-48 (22.9%).
  • Seattle's 15-for-16 free-throw shooting (93.8%) was the best in franchise playoff history.
  • The Storm raised over $20,000 for the New Orleans-based Franklin Avenue Baptist Churchís hurricane relief efforts between Games 2 and 3.
  • September 3, 2005

    On whether she's shocked:
    It just felt like we didnít compete; they steamrolled us early in the game and we never seemed to be able to recover. The effort was there. There was no question we were working hard trying to turn it around. We just got steamrolled on our home floor and that doesnít happen very often. It surprised me that we could never get a grip. Second half we came out and cut it to 10 and felt real good about the momentum The crowd was in it, with just two minutes off the clock and already we had done that damage. Youíve got to give Houston a ton of credit. They have very veteran players who knew we were struggling and didnít let their foot off our throat. (Sheryl) Swoopes, (Dawn) Staley and Tina Thompson were just huge. Ton of experience combined with those players.

    On Swoopes:
    Triple-double. I donít know how many of those we get in the league, but thatís special. She was below her (scoring) average tonight, but sheís filling up other columns. So Sheryl finds a way to help her team win a game and it doesnít necessarily have to do with scoring. The same thing with Dawn Staley, just a ton of leadership. Thompson stepped up big. They are tough. Inside and out. What they are made up of, they stepped up big time.

    On the series:
    To be drilled on your home court is not how any of us envisioned this. Coming in here with two home games and home-court advantage, we thought we had a great chance to move onto the Western Conference Finals. Again, I have to give Van Chancellor and Houston a ton of credit. They came in here with an ĎAí game tonight.

    On comparing Thursday's loss and today's loss:
    In terms of basketball, this loss beats Thursday, but that is why I was so disappointed after Thursdayís game with a potential Game 3. You have a good Houston team with a lot of veteran players, who once they saw blood were going to go for it. We gave them that window of opportunity. Looking back at the one Thursday night and the one tonight, Thursday still hurts the most. But tonight obviously left a lot to be desired.

    On whether she's shocked:
    Itís definitely a surreal feeling. We were talking in the locker room about not having practice tomorrow. Everyone is making plans to go home. Life goes on. One of the things that Anne said in the locker room was, ĎUse this to motivate you.í There are a lot of teams in the WNBA that just said, 'Whew, Seattle lost.' I can tell you that much. Thatís what makes it hurt. We had an opportunity to do some great things and defend our title, but we didnít. We lost.

    On the game:
    They just jumped on us. Our defense was so bad. I donít know what happened. They were hitting every shot they made, but they were getting layups in transition, in the zone. And that just gives a team confidence. You saw it. They built a 10-point lead; they built a 20-point lead. The first five minutes of the second half we did a good job to cut it down to about 10 and that was our opportunity. But then we lost it again.

    On the series:
    Under any condition, itís hard to believe that our team came in here and won two games on the road. I just thought we did an outstanding job defending them. Sheryl Swoopes: 14 points, 10 assists and 10 rebounds. We had a great player who played great. I also thought Tina Thompson played her best all year. So two great players played, but it was a total team victory tonight. I would have never thought that we could limit them to less than 60 points. Iím just really pleased.

    On the Comets offense:
    What we had tonight was great ball movement. When we move the ball, weíre a pretty good offensive basketball team. In Houston we didnít move the ball and got in trouble and Seattle played well. They made a little run at us in the second half when we made three straight turnovers. We called a timeout and got them settled down and once we got to 13 or 14 points, I thought we were in pretty good shape. We wanted more ball movement to make them play both sides of the court. We did that so we wouldnít be so selfish with the ball.

    On coming back after losing Game 1 in Houston:
    We just got tough mentally. After Tuesday night, we realized that what we did that night wasnít going to get it done. We had to change and share the basketball better. I donít want to say what, but we made a major, major, major defensive adjustment. I donít want to say it because weíre playing Sacramento.

    I feel very fortunate for us to be moving on. I feel sorry for all the people struggling down in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. Seems like a basketball game doesnít seem like that big of deal.

    On whether she's surprised:
    I donít know if I would say surprised with our performance. I think there was a point in the game when we were up by 15 or 16 points and we said, ĎTheyíre going to come back. Theyíre going to make a run. Theyíre at home, and they have their home crowd. We canít let up.í Seattle is a very good team. We came out and tried to jump on them early and try to get them out of their comfort zone. We just never looked back. We really wanted this game. Our main focus was to rebound the ball and not give them any second chance points. Try to move the ball on offense and make them play defense for a longer period of time than we did in Game 2 and I thought that was the biggest difference in the game tonight.

    On coming back from losing Game 1:
    First of all we have a lot of experience, veterans on this team. Even the young players, we have a lot of confidence in ourselves and each other. After Game 1, we knew if we wanted to advance, we had to win two. We knew it wouldnít be easy, but right now weíre playing very good basketball. I think weíre playing good individually, and as a team weíre playing some incredible basketball. After we won Game 2, we felt it could go either way. We felt like they had more pressure to come out here and win this one, and I think tonight we wanted it a little bit more than they did.

    On how close she is to being back:
    I was tired. I was really tired. If I had to put a number on it, I would say about 70 percent. There are times when my legs feel really good and times when they donít feel good at all. Iíve got to the point where I know how to work with it, so if Iím feeling good Iíll take those shots, but if not 80 percent of my shots will be 10 feet and in.

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