Force 10 Hoops to Storm Fans

Karen Bryant and Owners holding the rings

Dear Fans,

Itís true: Karen Bryant, the Stormís founding CEO, will be stepping down this season after 15 years of leadership. Itís also true that your Seattle Storm team, starting with Force 10 Hoops, including our dedicated coaches, Brian Agler and Jenny Boucek; Sue, Tanisha, Camille and the rest of the players, and extending to our back office professional team, isnít going anywhere. Of course weíll miss KB, and how could we not; yet part of the game is marking the passage of our greats and moving on to the next era. The entire Storm team will still be here, dedicated to providing you with the same level of great basketball and terrific entertainment value that youíve come to expect.

Karen Bryant's tenure with the Seattle Storm is so long that she was part of the team that named the franchise. Through sub .500 seasons and championship runs, with unquenchable passion, fierce determination, savvy business acumen and the never say die optimism of a relentless saleswoman, KB has led our organization proudly and well. Her unique blend of head and heart has made our organization a favorite destination among players and kept us on a steady march to profitability. For the six years that Force 10 Hoops has owned the team, Karen has proven an adept leader and a loyal partner.

While Karen's decision to step down after fifteen years with the Storm is not an easy one to accept, our ownership group is both deeply grateful for all she has given our franchise, women's professional basketball, and the city of Seattle, and also tremendously excited about the future. Going into our seventh year as owners of this community gem, with our commitment to our organization's mission as strong as ever, we embrace the changes that will inevitably accompany the loss of an irreplaceable leader. However, we are excited to have Karen with us as we start our 15th season and will continue to rely on her to get us off on the right foot. Meanwhile, we have lots of work to do for prepare for the upcoming season, and look forward to all that's ahead with KB and the rest of our team.