Trisha (Cary): Lauren, do you feel any pressure being the defending champions and all?

Lauren Jackson: No, not really. Obviously there is an expectation there, but my philosophy is to go out and play good ball and have fun no matter what outside forces there may be. So, I just focus on what I have to do and don't worry about those things.

Candy (seattle): Betty, are you glad to be back in seattle for another season? How are you liking the city, do you think you could live here year round?

Betty Lennox: Yes, I'm very excited to be back in Seattle, who wouldn't be excited about coming back to a team that just won a championship? On the second part, I just bought a home in Missouri, so I won't be living year-round in Seattle.

Charlotte: With all the changes this season due to players moving from one team to the next, how long of an adjustment period will it take to feel comfortable with new teammates?

Lauren Jackson: There will be an adjustment, but we are bonding already and we'll figure it out. We will all get on the same page.

Betty Lennox: I think chemistry is very important and it doesn't just happen overnight. But that's why we have training camp and we will plug in some pieces that might be missing from last year. We just need some time.

shorty Tcoma: Betty you got much game girl. The last couple games of last season you were ridiculous you definitely dererve MVP of the finals. My question is how have you prepared yourself for this season cuzz now they are going to play you hard. Much blessings to you this season

Betty Lennox: Shorty, what's up? Thank you very much for the nice words. Last year I worked on dribbling and cutting down my turnovers, and that helped. I just want to keep getting stronger and getting better everyday and that will get me prepared for the upcoming season.

Sarah, Charlotte: Hey Lauren! Congratulations on your Championship. Can you describe how you felt when you first held the Trophy?

Lauren Jackson: I guess I was like in a euphoria. It was weird. It was awesome, it was the best moment in my career.

Kennesaw Matt, Illinois: I am so excited for the WNBA to come to Chicago next year!! What is your favorite cities to visit on the road?

Betty Lennox: For me, I like L.A. I like going to California, it's a relaxing area. I'm excited about Chicago though, too!

Lauren Jackson: My favorite city to visit is Phoenix, because all my friends are there.

Natalie, Russell: Do you girls have a sneaker deal? I am looking for new workout clothes and wondering what the pros wear?

Lauren Jackson: I do yes, and Betty should have a sneaker deal! My deal is with Nike.

Betty Lennox: I know how you feel, we'd all love to have the best gear!

Samaria (Ferndale, MI): Lauren, who are the toughest centers to guard in the WNBA?

Lauren Jackson: The toughest center to guard, one of the toughest is Margo Dydek, because she is so, so tall. She can just stand there and block your shot! Lisa Leslie is a good player and Cheryl Ford is so strong, she is hard to guard too.

Michael (Indianapolis): Betty, I'll never forget your performance with Miami @ L.A. You shot the lights out at Staples Center! What is your most memorable game as a pro?

Betty Lennox: Definitely last year, when we won the championship. That's as good as it gets. It feels good right now, just thinking about it. I can look down on the ring on my finger and relive those moments!

Hamden, CT: Hey LJ - SSShhh don't tell anyone in Connecticut that even the Suns are my favorite team you are my favorite player. And has anyone ever told you that you look like Cate Blanchett?

Lauren Jackson: Yes, I get that alot. Thank you.

Janese: Hi Betty, I see you have a nice upper body and I want to start working on mine. How often do you work out and what type of exercise do you do?

Betty Lennox: Thank you. I am a gym rat, a workout rat. I work out in the offseason about two or three hours a day, five days a week. I have a personal trainer and we do different styles, Olympic Lifting is one of the the things we do, which focuces on power. Obviously it's working for me, since you noticed, so thank you very much.

Alison (Newington,CT): LJ - How is your ankle rehab coming along. What did you do during your time off bak this past winter??

Lauren Jackson: My ankle rehab is going very well, thank you. I took some time off, I needed a break so I visited with family and friends. But the ankle is feeling fine.

Samaria (Ferndale, MI): Hi, Betty. Who is the toughest person in the WNBA for you to guard?

Betty Lennox: I respect all my opponents, but one I can mention is Katie Smith, she is a great shooter and very strong. But, honestly, I respect all my opponents and they are all difficult players to match up against.

Alison (Newington,CT): I've got tickets to the Yankees game tomorrow..should I dump them and go see you guys play tomorrow?

Betty Lennox: Come see, us, we're the world champs, we're more important than them!

Gina (Boston): i know that players around the league work with different charities. what are some groups you like to volunteer with?

Betty Lennox: My foundation is called the Lennox 22 Foundation and we helping abused kids, so that is my focus right now.

Lauren Jackson: I've been doing many, including that AIDS foundation, I also work on domestic violence charities for women, I also work with kids from remote areas of Australia, getting them involved in sports, which is hard for kids from the Outback.

Hilarie(Seattle): Hey there, Champions! :) With the offseason player movements, which team do you feel will be the toughest to contend with?

Betty Lennox: All teams have gotten stronger, including Phoenix and Charlotte. Every year with new rookies and free agency each team is going to be real strong.

Lauren Jackson: I agree with Betty.

Lauren Jackson: Thank you very much for supporting us, Love Lauren.

Betty Lennox: Thanks to everyone who asked questions today and a special shoutout to the best fans in the world, the Storm fans. Love, B-Money, kiss-kiss....XO, XO, XO