Betty Lennox Chat Transcript

Prior to the Storm's Game 1 matchup against the Monarchs, guard Betty Lennox chatted live with fans. Here is what she had to say as she and her team gear up to take on the Sacramento Monarchs in the WNBA Western Conference Finals.

Lennox, a Louisiana Tech graduate and five-year vet entered the postseason averaging 11.2 ppg, 5.0 rpg and 2.5 apg. Now, following the Storm blowing away the Minnesota Lynx 2-0 in the first round to capture the franchise's first playoff series victory, she and the team are hungry for more.

dion (New York): What do you think is the storms' strongest point going into the series against the Monarchs? ps. I love the way you play

Betty Lennox: The strongest thing about the Storm is that our defense has picked up. Defense is what wins games. Everyone knows this because coaches at every level told us that. Now we see they were right. We have five players on the court and a bench that can play defense. That is our key point.

Laura, Wisconsin: Betty you broke your nose earlier this season how do you think sue will play due to her nose

Betty Lennox: She didn't have the surgery yet, and hasn't gotten it adjusted yet either, so we are not sure how she will do. She'll be timid at first and the mask could be aggravating until she gets used to it, but overall, I think she'll do well. She has been practicing and even got a personal mask made for her. I had to wear someone else's. She'll do great with it.

dena, seattle: Betty - Can you describre the rise in intensity level in the playoffs from the regular season?

Betty Lennox: The intensity level for playoffs is totally different. This is what we worked for, so the intensity has to be raised to get the job done. It has to be high throughout. When you let it down, that is the team that goes home. Every possession it has to be high, and this is a whole new ball game.

Greta, New York: What were the keys to defeating the Lynx in the past series?

Betty Lennox: The key was our aggressive defense. We knew what we had to do. We already have so many scorers, so we knew that wouldn't be a problem. Defense is the key, and we switched our style and got more intense about it. We didn't clamp down in the regular season, but now we are. They weren't sure how to respond.

Sarah, Charlotte, NC: Hello Betty. Firstly, Congratulations on the year you have had as a player with the Storm. What do you see as your bigest challenge in this next matchup with the Monarchs? Go Storm !!

Betty Lennox: My biggest concern will be to stay aggressive on both ends. I have tried to do so all season, but I can't relax on a single possession. I need to keep a calm head and focus on what I need to - that is defend the 2-guard, rebound and move.

Khami, Va: Hi Betty. First off i am big fan and am a member of your yahoo fan club. My question is this, Are you disappointed in not recieving the most improved player award. We all know you deserved it. GO STORM!!!

Betty Lennox: Personally, I am a little disappointed. I think I worked hard to accompish that goal, but not everyone thought I deserved it. I rarely get what I deserve around the league and get recognized for what I have earned, so it would have been a surprise if I had gotten it. But that just motivates me even more. I am not one of those faces that is well-known, but I still have an opportunity to get a ring. I know Kelly Miller and Wendy Palmer played well, and I commend them. But I am just looking forward to winning a championship at this point.

kansas: hi! i have a question, i am in the 7th grade and play on my schools bball team . my friend is a good player but she's a ball hog. she scores plenty of points, but she won't pass so i can score some points. what should i do? thanks

Betty Lennox: Keep you head up, continue to work hard, be a better teammate than her and you will stand out more than she will if you do those things.

Amonee/ Queens, NY: What will you be doing after the season in over?

Betty Lennox: I am going overseas to play in Italy.

Frances, Las Vegas: Betty, If you were not playing in the WNBA what might you be doing?

Betty Lennox: I would pursuing a career in my degree - which was psychology. I would also be participating in some lightweight bodybuilding competitions.

Karisa (Lancaster, CA): Hey their Betty how are you? First off your a great basketball player, and I really enjoy watching you play ball. Your pretty quik, and you have some nice moves on you as well. What kind of music do you listen to before game time, and is their any NBA player you would like to play one on one? Good luck in the playoffs!!!

Betty Lennox: Thanks. As far as music goes, I like R&B and gospel. One-on-one, I think it would be Seattle native and the newest New York Knicks guard, Jamal Crawford...

Seattle: Hey B- Where do you live in the off-season? What do you do? Any chance of moving to Seattle? :)

Betty Lennox: I live in Missouri, and I don't plan to move to Seattle all-year round anytime soon.

Tia (Akron): Who do you see coming out of the East? Do you think there's too much parity in the east (records)?

Betty Lennox: I personally think that there is so much parity that it is impossible to predict. We just have to wait and see what that outcome will be.

Christina: Betty, you're wonderful. Are there any funny or embarrasing stories you can tell us about you or one of your teammates?

Betty Lennox: Yes there are plenty, and no I won't tell :)

Tia (Akron): Has it been difficult dealing with injuries? Its nice to see you doing well, and return to rookie year form.

Betty Lennox: Yes, it's difficult. But once you are able to overcome them, it shows you just how strong you are. I have overcome a potentially career-threatening injury, and it has made me stronger.

Megan aka PDizzle (Marshfield): Hey Betty! Congrats on this year. It's been great for Storm fans. I just wanted to ask how much of an impact do you think this team's chemistry has had on the success you've all had this season? It looks to me like you all really enjoy playing together and click really well.

Betty Lennox: Yes, I agree. We have been playing well together. We are trying to get back to where we were earlier in the season, but got away from it and are now finding it again. Chemistry in the playoffs is a huge part of success and will determine if we will win or not...

Betty Lennox: Thanks again to everyone out there for all of your support and cheering us on. Tune in tonight to watch us take on the Monarchs! God bless.