Robert , Petaluma,CA: Hey Anne, THE SEATTLE STORM ROCK!!!!!First of all the storm has been my favorite team for along long time, even before LJ came, i will be at the game when u guys are on the road in sacramento!!My question for you is what is your favorite part about coaching,and would you ever coach college basketball??? Thanks for your Time, Sincerely Robert

Anne Donovan: I did coach college basketball, so I've had that experience already. I'm enjoying the professional game now. Strategy involving the highest level athletes and the night to night chess match, is a great and rewarding challenge for me in the WNBA.

Dina (New York): The upcoming 100th victory, what does it mean to you to be the all-time winningest female coach in the WNBA?

Anne Donovan: The 100th victory to me, means it's just one more step to the playoffs this season. That is our goal, to get back into the playoffs and challenge for a title and every win helps that happen. But, I do acknowledge the accomplishment of getting that many wins as a female coach and I'm very proud of that achievement.

Vickie (deaborn heights): Was it fun to coach the west all-stars? Was it also hard to find playing time of all of them?

Anne Donovan: It was fantastic to coach the All-Star team. There was just so much talent, it was great to watch. And yes, the biggest challenge was finding playing time for all those great players, but I did have a terrific staff on hand to help plan that out.

Seattle: You've said that being a women coach that has won a championship is icing on the cake. So I just have to ask, what flavor is the cake and how's it taste?

Anne Donovan: Ha-ha (Laughing) That's funny, that's a good one. Angel food is my favorite, so I'll say it's Angel food cake! But it was icing on the cake and I hope to taste it again some day with this team.

RDub21 (Sac Town): What has been the biggest surprise for you reguarding your team and/or the league this season?

Anne Donovan: This season has even more parity than last season. Connecticut and Sacramento are playing great basketball, but on any night, they can be beaten. From top to bottom the talent and strength of all the teams in the WNBA is really amazing and that is making for a very, very competitive and exciting league.

Maplewood, Minnesota: since sue bird had to sit out folr awhile in the season did that help your team or what did it do???

Anne Donovan: It forced our team to play the game a little differently. That enabled us to give our bench experience they wouldn't have gotten if Sue wasn't hurt. It also forced players to step up in leadership. So in the long run, it was a help to this team. But as a coach, those were long games for me to coach, as we were missing a crucial part of what we're trying to do. But in the long run, I think we will be better for it.

Lo (Briarcliffe): With several deserving candidates, yourself included, who would get your vote for Coach of the Year?

Anne Donovan: I'm gonna give my top candidates. John Whisenant is an obvious choice, putting together those offseason moves. Also Mike Thibault is doing a great job. And not so obvious is Van Chancellor who is doing a great job too, despite missing some key players.

Ryan (Sacramento, CA): If you had to sum up your team in three words what would they be?

Anne Donovan: Young. Tough. Improving.

Anna (Seattle): Hi Anne. First I would like to say that you are an amazing coach. Ive been a season ticket holder ever since 2001 and when I saw Lauren Jackson go down in the home game versus New York this year, I was scared that she would be out for the rest of the year, because it looked like it hurt her alot when she fell. Now I know that shes better and shes back on the court again, we lose a very important piece to our team in Betty aka B-Money. Do you know when Betty will be back on the court again? Will she be back before the playoffs? Well again your a great coach and I look forward to watching the Storm beat Minnesota at the Key on Thursday!! Go Storm!

Anne Donovan: Hmm. We have lost an important piece with Betty being down. She's been out four games now and the prognosis is still unsure. Betty is chomping at the bit to get back on the floor, but the reality is that it will take some time to get healthy. We hope she can get back in uniform and on the floor before the end of the season, but that remains to be seen.

Ann (Big Bear City, CA): Hi Coach. An article in the USA Today states that Lauren Jackson is leading the M.V.P race according to them. When they asked for her reaction to that, she said she was just trying to get her team back to the Championship game. What is is like to coach a player so good, yet so humble?

Anne Donovan: It's my opinion that Lauren is the best player in the league, based on skill and intangibles. That willingness to put the team's success ahead of her personal success is one of those intangibles that makes her the best player in the league.

Alicia, Sea-town: At the final home game this year, when the players all take turns with the mic, can you get them all to do the Storm rap for us again like they did in 2003? Thanks!!

Anne Donovan: Ha-ha (Laughing) I'll put the request in!

Anne Donovan: Thank you all for your support. We're having a great, competitive season this year and keep watching. Stay with us, keep supporting the WNBA and the Storm and we will have a very exciting end of the season leading into a wide open playoffs. Thanks again.