David Locke Reflects On The 2002 Storm Season And Looks Ahead

This spring, play-by-play announcer David Locke will enter his fourth season as the “Voice of the Storm.” Since the franchise’s inaugural season in the summer of 2000, Locke has been courtside calling all the action from a team that has grown from a struggling expansion team to a young and promising playoff squad. With the Storm’s training camp on the horizon, STORM.WNBA.COM checked in with Locke for his personal “state of the team” assessment.

STORM.WNBA.COM: What was your favorite memory from the 2002 Storm season?
David Locke: Adia Barnes’ breakaway layup in the Utah game on Aug. 11 that clinched the playoff spot. It was such an amazing possibility that the Storm were going to make the playoffs and it was when Barnes broke away that I realized we were going to qualify for the postseason. I think I lost my mind on the call. Another moment would be any of the numerous times Sue Bird showed us how truly special she is.

STORM.WNBA.COM: How can the Storm stay among the WNBA’s elite teams?
Locke: The team must continue to build around Sue and Lauren Jackson. Anne Donovan’s addition as Storm head coach will be perfect for where the franchise is at the current time. It won’t be easy with Houston, Los Angeles, San Antonio and Sacramento in the West.

STORM.WNBA.COM: What kind of player do the Storm need in order to complement its two greatest strengths – namely Sue at the point and Lauren at the post?
Locke: The Storm needs either a strong shooting guard or small forward that will relieve the pressure on Sue and Lauren or an enforcer down low to take the physical pressure off Sue. Keep an eye on Kristin Folkl, who played with the Portland Fire, in the dispersal draft. She would be a great fit with this team. Ruth Riley from Miami would also be a great addition.

STORM.WNBA.COM: On the current roster, who do you think can develop into the “third option” to Sue and Lauren?
Locke: Kamila Vodichkova and Amanda Lassiter will get the best opportunity to assume that role They really need to have a few options so they can adapt to how teams defend the “big two.”

STORM.WNBA.COM: Is there any particular part of Sue Bird’s game she needs to work on as she prepares for her second season in the WNBA?

STORM.WNBA.COM: How do you see Lauren’s continued emergence as an MVP-caliber player?
Locke: Don’t forget how amazing Lauren was for the final three weeks last season. There weren’t many players in the WNBA who were better than Lauren for the final stretch. She will be the best in the league at some point. Remember she’s still a youngster.

STORM.WNBA.COM: What are you most looking forward to in calling the Storm action this summer?
Locke: Watching Sue with a better understanding of the league and hopefully having a healthy “LJ” for the whole season. I’m excited about seeing Anne Donovan’s impact on the club. But most importantly, I can’t wait to hang out with my broadcast partner, Elise Woodward, while I get her Starbucks Fraps all summer long!