Twitterview with Swin Cash

Kevin Pelton, | April 15, 2009

Twitter is all the rage right now. To explore the possibilities of the latest social networking software, set up a Twitter interview - a "Twitterview," if you will - with Storm forward Swin Cash. Check out the results below and for more updates, don't forget to follow @seattlestorm and @Swin Cash.

  1. Seattle Storm @SwinCash Let's talk about your visit to the White House. What was the highlight of the day?
  2. Swin Cash @seattlestorm Hi Storm fans :) The White House was great. I missed the president but I got a chance to see Mrs. Obama (who looked fab)
  3. Swin Cash @seattlestorm I also had a wonderful time reading a story to the kids. I had three amazing kids that were my little helpers, Priceless!
  4. Seattle Storm @SwinCash Did you get to take home any souvenir eggs?
  5. Swin Cash @seattlestorm No eggs for me, just a few things for my niece! Maybe next year she can attend with me ;-)
  6. Seattle Storm @SwinCash How is rehab going and how does the back feel right now?
  7. Swin Cash @seattlestorm Rehab is going well & the back is healing. I'm truly happy I got the surgery (Thanks Doc Maroon in Pitt)
  8. Seattle Storm @SwinCash What's the hardest part of your rehab work?
  9. Swin Cash @seattlestorm One of my workouts today was with a boxing trainer and it was lots of fun. I have a new respect for boxers conditioning :-)
  10. Seattle Storm @SwinCash How excited are you to get the back issues behind you after dealing with them for two years?
  11. Swin Cash @seattlestorm I'm just excited to play healthy. A lot of ppl have question marks beside my name this year, so its my job to put ( ! ) point
  12. Seattle Storm @swincash RT @KellyNigh Everyone is ready to have you back in Seattle and start the season! What's been the best part of your offseason?
  13. Swin Cash @seattlestorm Hi Kelly, best part of my off season was taking time out for myself w/GOD, having surgery & spending time with my better half..
  14. Seattle Storm @SwinCash How was playing in Prague?
  15. Swin Cash @seattlestorm Prague was a great experience for me. The players and organization were very nice. I enjoyed my time in Praha!
  16. Seattle Storm @SwinCash Was it weird at all to play against Sue and LJ overseas in the Euroleague playoffs?
  17. Swin Cash @seattlestorm It was weird because I knew my team was so overmatched, which meant I couldn't talk stuff lol jk I enjoyed the dinner after!
  18. Swin Cash @seattlestorm Big thanks to Shabtai (spartak owner) he set up a fab dinner at a restaurant for sue, dee and I. It was amazing!!!
  19. Seattle Storm @SwinCash RT@ashtormie when are you headed for Seattle? Can't wait for this season!
  20. Swin Cash @seattlestorm Hi Ashtormie I'm not sure when I will be returning to Seattle. I'm just focused on getting healthy and ready for the season.
  21. Swin Cash @seattlestorm Hey storm fans, sorry abt the delay with my twitting. I had problems with my phone &without my laptop I was out of luck! Night!
  22. Seattle Storm @SwinCash Thanks for participating! It's the WNBA's first "Twitterview."