USA Basketball Q&A: Sue Bird

Kevin Pelton, | April 18, 2012

The USA Basketball Women's National Team's training camp in Seattle will be special for Seattle Storm point guard Sue Bird, who gets to welcome her teammates from the National Team to her home away from home. Bird will also get to play for the USA team during a May 12 exhibition against the China National Team in front of fans who have supported her throughout her 10 years in Seattle. She spoke about the National Team visit and more, including an update on her broken nose, via email from Russia.

Sue Bird playing for the USA National Team.
David Dow/NBAE/Getty Images

Bird believes that the USA National Team's training camp and exhibition in Seattle will be valuable preparation for this summer. What will it mean to wear the USA jersey in front of the home fans in Seattle?
Bird: I think it'll be fun. I know all the Storm fans are always cheering for me and the rest of my USA teammates during the major events but this will be the first time they can witness it first-hand. It'll also be the first time my teammates will get to experience how great it is to have the Storm fans backing them. Everyone always hates to play in KeyArena so it can be the one time they like it. :)

Is it nice to play for the national team in front of friends who might not ordinarily see you in that role?
Yes, for sure. I think this is a unique opportunity for everyone in Seattle. Our national team really is a great group of players and people and to see it first-hand will be a lot of fun.

With everybody coming to town, is there a feeling of hosting your USA teammates?
Yes, of course. I'm just hoping it's sunny!!

Can Storm fans feel comfortable cheering on WNBA rivals at KeyArena?
I think so. I know Storm fans are obviously fans of the USA team, so once we all put on that red, white and blue uniform they will get into it.

What does having a couple of days of practice and an exhibition game mean as you prepare for this summer?
Even though it's just a few days it actually means a lot because it's all we have before meeting up in July. It's always good to get together, spend time as a team and get a refresher course on the things we'll need to do to win a gold medal.

How excited are you about the roster USA Basketball has put together?
Very excited. I look at this list of players and I just know we are going to have a special summer - both on and off the court.

Have to ask, sorry, but how's your nose?
The schnoz is good to go! Apparently it had been a little too long since my mask had some air time and it was feeling a little neglected, but don't worry, I won't be wearing the Phantom of the Opera/Jason Voorhees-style mask in the WNBA! :)

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