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Kevin Pelton, | March 2, 2009
Fans aren't the only ones watching the Seattle Storm's roster moves with interest. So too are the team's players, with the advantage that they get word directly from Storm Head Coach and Director of Player Personnel Brian Agler before reading about the moves here on From Russia via e-mail, Storm All-Star Sue Bird shared her thoughts on the latest additions to the Storm's roster and getting excited for the upcoming 2009 season.

What are your thoughts on the Storm's roster for 2009 as it takes shape?
Coach Agler has proven his abilities as a GM and I trust him with that. No matter what, I know he'll put together a great roster - one that will compete for a championship and where players fit well with each other.

"Playing with Suzy was great. She is a terrific teammate."
Jeff Reinking/NBAE/Getty Images
You and Shannon Johnson have had some great battles in the past. What will she bring to the Storm backing you up and with the two of you together in the backcourt?
I'm very excited to play alongside Pee Wee. I think we are going to complement each other very nicely in the backcourt. I know from going against her and from playing with her in the Olympics that she knows how to win. She is a veteran with a lot of experience and that alone will add so much to our team. Add the other things she brings to the table - defense, scoring ability, smarts - and you can see why I'm excited.

What do you remember about Suzy Batkovic from playing with her in 2005?
Playing with Suzy was great. She brings so much versatility at her position and will really complement our team. Beyond that, she is a terrific teammate.

What have you seen/heard about Janell Burse's play in Russia? How important was it to get her back on the roster?
JB is doing great in Russia! I played against her once this season and she played very well. Everyone already knows what JB does and I'm looking forward to playing with her again.

What was it like playing against Swin Cash and her team in the Euroleague Playoffs?
It was fun because we got to hang out a little bit. What happens on the court stays on the court, but it's always nice to catch up with a good friend.

Would you like to vent Mo Williams-style about being snubbed from the Euroleague All-Star Game?
Forget about me ... the rule should be changed so everyone in Europe can see Sylvia dunk!

When you see/play against teammates like Swin or Janell, do you get a sense of the excitement for the upcoming season?
I'm always looking forward to getting back to Seattle!

How will the WNBA moving back the start of training camp help you and the team?
I think it'll help everyone because it gives players who play overseas some time to rest without missing important practices. As proven last year, the more our team practiced the better we were, so this will be a good thing.