You Ask, Locke Answers - Aug. 4, 2003

Here are David's answers to this week's questions. Got something Storm-related on your mind? Click here to ask David Locke!

From Yen-Chun Lin, a Storm Fan in Taiwan:
Listen the on-line radio is the only way I could follow the Storm games so I really appreciate your vivid broadcasting, it's great!! My favorite Storm player is Sue Bird, I have been her fan since the year 2000 when she came to Taiwan for William Jones Cup as a member of USA Team. I hope you could have the interviews with Sue as many as possible after the games, or tell the audience how is her knee injury.

David Locke:
Wow. Amazing to hear from you in Taiwan. I love it that the internet allows you to listen. Keep your ears open I will try to drop some reference that you are listening from Taiwan. In regards to Sue, we try to intrview as many of the different Storm players as possible but we obviously talk to Sue and Lauren more than any others. In addition, Sue is such a spokesperson for the league that I like to let the other teams radio get to interview her as well.

From Tiffany Williams
Have you ever played basketball with Sue Bird, and if so, did she school you?

I have never played Sue and promise she would win. Even if I got lucky and won she would make us play again until she won. Sue isn't much for losing in anything. You should see her playing Super Mario with her teammates, she always has to win.

From Paul Matt:
Maybe I’m naďve, but Lauren (who is playing like the MVP she is) and Sue (somehow, someway, making it happen every night, bad wheels or not) don’t and shouldn’t have to do everything every night. In spite of them being starters, Sandy (just coming out of her shooting funk) and Kamila (this year’s very much improved version) are inconsistent. And Amanda’s doing a great job trying to fill in for Adia, but in spite of how well she’s stepped up, she’s being really pressed, playing as hard as she does every night against often bigger, tougher opponents. So, all this leads me to say that we need a bench that means business and will perform each game. What do you think needs to happen to get us to through the Playoffs?

Great question. Greatness leads teams so in one sense it is up to LJ and Sue. I would disagree that Kamila and Sandy have been inconsistent. Sandy has slumped but she seems to be out of it. She is still number three in the league from behind the arc. I would really say that when it gets to crunch time all of them are vital in their own way but stars win so Sue's health may be the biggest of them all.

From Beth Hinz
Looking at the four teams that seem to be playoff bound and our records against them of 1-1 versus Houston and L.A. and 0-2 against Minnesota, (as of July 28) which team do you think would give us the greatest challenge, and which team would be least challenging and why?

Right now Houston and Sacramento are amazing. Houston before the loss to San Antonio had won eight of nine with the only loss coming to Seattle. Sacramento looks like the best in the West at this moment. Lack of playoff experience will be Seattle's biggest challange and only Minnesota is as inexperienced as the Storm.