The Storm Predicts the Gold-Medal Game

With Storm players Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson and Coach Anne Donovan on both sides of tomorrow's gold-medal game, turned to those who should know best - their Storm teammates and coaches - for their predictions on the outcome. The consenus - it will be close, but the U.S. will win its third straight gold.

Assistant Coach Jenny Boucek:
"USA, baby, gotta go with USA. If Lauren has 50, they may win, but other than that, I think USA will take them. They're too deep."

Forward Adia Barnes:
"My prediction - and I hate to say this, because I love Lauren - I think that the U.S. has so much depth and so much experience. I don't think anyone can guard Lauren - Lisa (Leslie), no one - but I think that the United States will win the gold and Australia the silver. I think it's going to be a great game, a battle, but I think USA has too many great athletes, and I don't think anyone else can match up one-on-one besides Lauren."

Guard Tully Bevilaqua (the resident Aussie):
"I think it's going to be close. Australia's playing really well. The U.S. had their first tough game against Russia today in the semis. I think they need to pick it up a little bit more, because the way Australia played and the way they played, I think it's going to go down to the wire unless they (the U.S.) raise it up a little. I think Australia will be there all the way with them."

Center Janell Burse:
"USA, definitely. I think it will be a really good game, but the USA will win."

Center Simone Edwards:
"I haven't seen Australia play all through the Olympics, but I know they've been playing well, since they made it to the finals but I think the U.S. has a way deeper bench. The two main players (for Australia) are Penny (Taylor) and Lauren, they take most of their shots, and the U.S., their bench can be starters. I think it's going to depend a lot on the bench. Since the Jamaican team is not playing, either one, I don't care, there are teammates on both sides. I think, for the money, the U.S. would win because they have a strong bench."

Guard Michelle Greco:
"Although I want both teams to do well, want Lauren to play well, I'm partial to the U.S. and I've got a feeling the U.S. will pull it out by anywhere from five to 10 points. I think it's going to be a close game early on. I think towards the end, the U.S. is going to pull away."