Postgame Quotes - Storm 78, Indiana 51

Storm 78, Indiana 51
June 10, 2003


On slowing Catchings:
I think Lauren (Jackson) did a good job on (Tamika) Catchings. Amanda (Lassiter) had a little time on her, we tried to switch up our looks so she couldn’t get comfortable. Our help defense was outstanding. We doubled her to try to get her to give it up and consequently we gave up some threes. We had outstanding focus on her. She had just one offensive rebound and that’s a big part of how she scores.

On Bird:
In terms on production, Sue (Bird) is not 100 percent. She’s definitely playing through it better. I don’t think the pain is any less but she was able to do that tonight. I wish she was 100 percent but I think she will get better. I hope we can calm her knee down so she’s not playing at 70 percent. With her added to the mix, we’re a very good team. She’s close but she’s definitely not back to normal. Her ability to play through the pain is getting much better. It’s not because her knee is better it’s because she is getting better at handling it.

On the win’s importance:
Every win in this league is an important one. This was our first Eastern Conference opponent and we have this nice long home stretch that we’re trying to take advantage of and it was a national TV game and I think we set a tone with this kind of win. We’re out of the hole, so to speak, we’re back at .500. Every game we’re looking to gain a step and make a push and we need to do that to keep up with the better teams in the Western Conference.

On Jackson:
Lauren is just a monster. What I love about her is just when it seems like she isn’t having a very good game she just takes it over. The second half again tonight, she just took it over.


On the Storm’s play:
When we’re focused on defense and we’re getting things done it really opens things up for our transition game and we knew that was one area that we could attack them in. Defense and then rebounding and then outletting and when we do that everything else just falls into place.

We got a lot of good looks and we knocked them down and that was important but tonight it was really our defense. We held them to 16 points in the first half and they never really recovered.

On the level of competition:
The WNBA is interesting because minus those two teams there are a lot of good players spread out and it makes it anybody’s game any night and that’s what we’re about right now. Just coming to play every single night.


On the Game:
It was just a good night for Seattle. They played extremely good defense. We’ve got to learn how to play on the road and learn how to win on the road. That’s a tough lesson. We’ve got to learn from this and move on.

We know we have to play better defense and we know we have to take care of the basketball. We had a stretch in the first half where we had five turnovers in a row, whether it was shot clock violations, traveling, throwing the ball away … whatever. We just didn’t have any momentum after that. It was a hard thing to come back from. We just didn’t play good enough defense. In the second half they started hitting baskets and we didn’t do anything to adjust. It was just a long second half.

On the Storm:
“Overall, I think the Storm is really good. They’ve got a solid starting five and have some bench people that come in and play well. They got on a roll and everybody was hitting and contributing. I think Lauren Jackson is one of the best players in this league, hands down, without a doubt. She’s just outstanding. We didn’t have an answer for her tonight.”


On the game:
We have to figure out ways to win on the road. Both of our losses have come from being on the road. Seattle came out and did a great job. They executed just about all of their offenses. Everybody hit at least one shot so there’s nothing you can do when everyone is hitting.

On Indiana’s play:
Our offense has worked well when we’re able to attack and kick out to the open shooters, but we weren’t really able to attack or hit open shots. It’s really hard to win games obviously when you’re not scoring points. We had a whole bunch of turnovers and missed shot opportunities. We just had a bad night.

On her sprained left ankle:
My ankle is alright. Nothing a little rehab can’t work out.