Postgame Quotes - Storm 69, Comets 55

Storm 69, Comets 55
July 15, 2003


On the outcome:
I think defensively we stepped it up and caught Houston a little off guard by how aggressive we were. It definitely changed the tone in the second half. We were able to put pressure on them, rebound the basketball and then run. We played not just a half-court defense, but we controlled the backboard like we wanted to and then get out and run.

On Kamila Vodichkovaís play:
Kamila played so well, she looked so fresh. Coming off the All-Star break really helped her. She was able to get some rest and she just looked great tonight at both ends of the floor. Sometimes she is difficult to read. She explained to me that she is concentrating so hard on the game and the language and different things so that is why she looks the way she does, sometimes surly, but always very focused. I know she is much more consistent (than she used to be). Sheís definitely more comfortable. I think she is a perfect complement player to go off of Lauren (Jackson). I love coaching two players who can step away from the basket all the way out to the three-point line. It really makes things difficult for defenses.

On the upcoming road trip:
This is going to be a tough test, back-to-back in Connecticut and Detroit, weíre going to be tested for sure, and then a return to Minnesota who beat us here in KeyArena. We have three tough games ahead.

On Lauren Jackson:
She keeps trying so hard. We tried to get her down low so we could get her some easy buckets and then get her back outside. Even when she is not making shots, she is doing so much else on the floor. She keeps her confidence which is the key to a great player. When youíre struggling shooting, you just keep shooting and shoot your way through.

On Amanda Lassiterís first start:
I thought she did a super job on Sheryl Swoopes. She knew how important that was going to be. She knew she was really going to have to make her work, which she did. (Swoopes) got nothing easy tonight.


On the Stormís defense:
We tried to get her (Swoopes) to take tough shots. Thatís how she makes her living. We had a long break and defense was something we worked on. Sheís a good player so we try to make it tough on her, try to get in her head and frustrate her.

On Vodichkova:
I love it when Kamilaís going well. She can do so much from inside and out, three-pointers, that lefty drive she has going on. Itís fun to play with her when sheís on and tonight was one of those times. Sheís always been consistent. I think weíre always going to get the same thing from Kamila. We can always count on her for certain things and then there are those night when she goes above and beyond and thatís when you really notice her. Sheís pretty much our backbone.


On the game:
Seattle outplayed us tonight. They did a great job. They ran their offense really well, moved the ball. They really hurt us on the boards. We brought out the absolute best in Vodichkova. She was truly outstanding. Itís been really hard because weíve had everybody in the world out (with injuries) and we canít get any continuity going.

I wasnít happy with anything. I wasnít happy with the coaching, I wasnít happy with the play, I wasnít happy with nothing. You can ask anything you want to, I wasnít happy. Iím really discouraged right now. When you come out on the road, youíve got to pick it up a notch.

On battling the Storm for playoff positioning:
Right now weíre just trying to make the playoffs. I think Seattle is going to get second (in the West) the way theyíre playing. Seattle had a much better coach than we had tonight, I guarantee that, too. Weíre just trying to stay above water until we get everybody healthy.


On the game:
I donít think this loss is especially difficult. Any loss is hard to take. I think why this is especially frustrating is we didnít play. Not to take anything away from Seattle, but we didnít really show up. We played very bad. Itís just frustrating because we were there, we had a chance to come on, but we didnít play very well..

On Vodichkova:
Vodichkova is a very good player. I think that when you have players like Sue and Lauren, who get all the attention from the media and the other teams, she just gets overlooked sometimes. We didnít come into the game not knowing what she could do. We knew what she was capable of doing. When I say we didnít play well, we didnít stick to our game plan at all and every time she (Vodichkova) got the ball, she knew exactly what she wanted to do.