Postgame Quotes/Notes - San Antonio 87, Storm 77

San Antonio (11-19) 87, Storm (16-12) 77
August 12, 2003


On Kamila Vodichkovaís injury:
It changed the game, thereís no doubt. She was playing extremely well for the first seven minutes. She was doing a good job on (Margo) Dydek who then went on to score good numbers for her. It changed our game because Kamila is playing extremely well and we never did fill that spot. We never had an answer for that spot.

On giving up a season-high 87 points:
We just didnít defend. This is a team that is averaging 63 points and we gave up 87 and 37% is what they shoot from the floor and they hit 45%. The bottom line is we just didnít get down and guard them. And when we did, we fouled them. It was a breakdown on our part. We just did not handle penetration and we fouled (Marie) Ferdinand and (Adrienne) Goodson and put them on the line. Iíll give up those points. Margo was scoring some tough baskets. There is not a whole lot we can do about them, but the penetration killed us. Ferdinand away from the basket, to the rim. We just did not get it done defensively. We got beat every which way. Give them credit.

Forty-one points at halftime. Thatís two-thirds of the way to their average. We knew things werenít going well. Without Kamila coming off our bench we knew that we were going to struggle in the second half.

On the Stormís offense:
We were disorganized on offense much of the game. It seems like we stand around and watch Lauren (Jackson) go to work too much these days. She is playing unbelievably. Just like a spectator, you get caught up in what she going to do next and frankly I think we got caught up in a little of that tonight.


Losing is always difficult, but itís just a game. We were disappointed in the way we came out. We need to come out with a little more intensity. We have to be more aggressive as a team. We need to step it up a little and play hardcore defense and make people hate us. I donít think weíre doing that. I know that we can. Itís a bit frustrating.

On getting back on track:
Weíre going to get through it and play our game. The way that weíre going to win is to play hard defense. We need to be more aggressive and not be so passive. Everyone needs to step up and play their roles.

We still could have won that game. It was just a matter of us not playing how we can.


On the game:
They just beat us. We didnít play well at all, mostly on the defensive end. We scored enough to win but we let them score way too many. When we speak of intensity and things like that, itís mostly on the defensive end.

On the playoff race:
Nothing is set in stone. Weíre not in the playoffs yet. We donít have the three or four-seed. We have nothing right now. We need to win our next game. And from here on out we need to keep thinking that. We need to win our next game, we need to win our next game. And we do not have an easy walk. We have Phoenix at Phoenix where we have struggled a little bit. At Houston, at San Antonio. I think every team in the WNBA is going to be tough.

On the Stormís defense:
There were things we wanted to stop. We didnít want to put them on the line and I canít even tell you how many three-point plays we gave up. And thatís just team defense because we should have each otherís backs. So if itís anything, I think itís intensity as a whole and more specifically our defense


On the game:
Wow! That was a great performance by a team that has been challenged all year. Seattle has given us a run for our money and tonight we thought we could come in and give it our all. We went back and looked at the film from the last game we played here (40-point loss) and it was awful. I think they were a little bit embarrassed by how they performed and wanted to show that they could play. They did show up. I guess it was a day of redemption for us. It made us feel a lot better. Theyíre a lot happier in that locker room than they were the last game we played here.

On the difference between this game and the last one:
Defense made a difference and rebounding, too. I thought Tai Dillard, a little rookie coming in, was huge. All I told her to focus on was defense. I told her, ĎPlay it the way you know how to play it.í We put her on Bird and it looked like she (Bird) got a little frazzled with that. Lauren got frustrated because it got a little physical in there, but hey, Iím really proud of them. Iím pleased with the poise they had down the stretch. Thatís something that this team struggles with Ė poise. We get up and we get down, but they kept everything at an even keel tonight.

On the loss of Vodichkova:
I know she was very instrumental on the boards and we focused in on her knowing that she was going to take it strong. Sheís a very good player. Again, we were just focusing on things that we needed to do. We struggled in there just defending their post players even when she went out so I donít think we were even paying attention. We were just trying to get our act together.


On the game:
Weíd forgotten about our loss here before. Thatís the league Ė you have to move on. Thereís no pressure on us so we just played loose finally. I think thatís why it was working because weíre just trying to have fun and play hard. We havenít given up even though we donít have a chance to make it to the playoffs. We want to play hard.

On Vodichkovaís injury:
I had other players defending me, too, after that (laughs). All injuries are hard. I donít wish for anybody to get injured no matter who it is. I think we finally played good as a team Ė on defense especially.


On her injury and why she sat out the final minutes:
In the first half I got screened really, really bad and I bumped knees with another girl, either Vodichkova or Jackson. It was really bothering me and I was limping throughout the game. With I think two minutes left in the game we had like a seven-point lead and coach decided to take me out because of me limping around. Itís probably a bruise, a deep bruise, because itís really bothering me right now and Iím a bit concerned, but Iím hoping itís nothing serious.


  • San Antonioís victory was its second straight and pushed the Silver Stars road record to 3-12. The Storm lost at KeyArena for the first time since 6/14 vs. Minnesota, snapping a team-record eight-game winning streak at home. The Storm is now 11-3 overall at KeyArena. San Antonio led at halftime on the road for the first time this season, 43-42. The Silver Stars shot a sizzling 16-for-31 (51.6%) before intermission. They finished with 87 points, just one of their season high of 88 at Detroit 7/1 and the Stormís season opponent high, beating the 84 of Los Angeles on 7/5.
  • Lauren Jackson finished with 32 points and 18 rebounds, both marks the second-best of her career. With the effort Jackson has now scored 1507 career points. The double-double was Jacksonís seventh straight, tying the all-time WNBA record and setting a new one for the longest streak in a single season. Only one other player has recorded seven straight double-doubles Ė Los Angelesí Lisa Leslie (8/13/02-6/7/03; 8/22/97-6/21/98). Jackson also extended her scoring streaks. She now has 27 straight games with 15 or more points - the second-longest streak of all-time and just three away from Cynthia Cooperís WNBA record - and 47 straight games in double-figures scoring. Jacksonís double-double was her tenth of the season and the 19th of her career. At +46 (32+18+1+1+4-(17-9)-(16-14)-2), Jacksonís game was the best of the 2003 WNBA season by the leagueís efficiency rating system.
  • Jackson also set Storm records for free throws made (14) and attempted (16), both marks previously set against Charlotte on 7/31 (that being the last time she made 11 free throws, of several). Led by Jackson, the Storm had its best night of the season at the free-throw line. They made 18 of 19 free-throw attempts in the first half and 25 of 28 for the game, beating the high this season (23) Ė previously set against the Silver Stars on 6/22. San Antonio tied its season high for free throws made and set a new Storm opponent season high with 30 free throws, making all ten attempts inside the final minute. Together, the teams combined to make 55-of-63 from the free-throw line. Jennifer Azziís 11-for-11 shooting from the free-throw line is a new San Antonio record for most attempts in a game without a miss.
  • Azzi scored a season-high 18 points, while her backup, rookie Tai Dillard, scored a career-high nine points in a career-high 17 minutes.
  • The Storm went four minutes and fifteen seconds without a score from the 6:23 mark to the 2:08 mark of the second half, allowing San Antonio to build its lead from one to seven and put the game out of reach. Seattle shot just 13 of 38 in the second half.
  • Storm center Kamila Vodichkova left the game with a left heel injury midway through the first half.