Coach Donovan Checks In From Athens Again

With the exception of Van Chancellor, no WNBA coach has been busier this summer than the Stormís Anne Donovan, who had only two days off between coaching her last Storm game on Aug. 1 and beginning practices as an assistant to Chancellor for the USA Basketball Senior Womenís National Team. The veteran of three U.S. Olympic squads as a player is now in Athens and has helped the U.S. women to an undefeated 7-0 record and a spot in Saturday's gold-medal game. Still, Donovan somehow found the time to answer some of storm.wnba.comís questions about her experience.

Donovan enjoyed her team's photo shoots, including this one at the Parthenon.
Jesse D. Garrabant/NBAE/Getty What was it like playing the host country in the quarterfinals?
Anne Donovan
: Greece was such an exciting team to play because of the large homecourt crowd cheering for them. We saw what we expected from them, as they are a very good offensive team with two outstanding guards, but a poor defensive team that had trouble with our athleticism.

What did you see from the other teams during the preliminary round?
: We knew that Russia was going to play us tougher than they have played anyone else thus far because of the intense rivalry between us. Australia is playing the most consistent basketball of any team right now and they are going to be tough!

Is there any way Team USA can limit Lauren Jackson's effectiveness since she is the leading Olympic scorer?
: Just like in the WNBA, I donít think Lauren is going to be stopped. She has continued to play magnificently here. Team USA has to slow the "supporting cast" down and get our offense flowing.

The gold-medal game will be your first time coaching against Lauren since you became the Storm head coach. What will it feel like to be on the other side of her offensive prowess?
: Letís just say that I like being on her side of the court!

What are you hearing from Jessie Kenlaw and Jenny Boucek as far as the rest of the team's progress here in Seattle?
: Iíve heard that the team is working really hard and are gearing up for our strong playoff push when we resume play on Sept. 1. I have the highest level of confidence in Jessie and Jenny to prepare the team for the end of the regular season.

Have you and Team USA had any functions or sightseeing off the court that was memorable?
: We had a team excursion and photo shoot at the Acropolis that was absolutely amazing! We also enjoyed a beach party with our menís team for a beautiful night out and away from the ship and the arena.

What are you missing most about Seattle? Are you ready to come home yet?
: I am very excited to get back to Seattle and KeyArena! I miss the team and our staff the most, and our family atmosphere and the challenges that we share. Of course, I canít wait to give my cat Romeo a big smooch as well!