Potential was both a blessing and a curse for Shekinna Stricklen during her four years at Tennessee. Stricklen's ability to contribute in virtually every facet of the game dazzled observers, yet also kept them wanting more. Along with being part of the first class of Lady Vols seniors ever to go four years without reaching the Final Four, expectations weighed on the perception of Stricklen's career.

Shekinna Stricklen.
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Because of her diverse skills, Stricklen was able to step into the starting lineup as a freshman at point guard. She was voted Freshman of the Year by the USBWA after averaging 13.3 points and 5.9 rebounds at what is not her natural position. By her junior year, Stricklen was able to move to the wing. Her best scoring effort came as a senior, when she averaged a team-high 15.4 points along with 6.6 rebounds per game. Now, Stricklen may be better in the WNBA, where she can comfortably play a role alongside other featured players.

  • Size - At 6-2, Stricklen has good size for a small forward. As a guard, she has a major height advantage over opponents. That makes her a useful chess piece for coaches, who can create mismatches at the offensive end and switch screens on defense without worrying about getting beat.
  • Rebounding - As a small forward, Stricklen can hold her on the glass, having grabbed rebounds at an above-average rate. Put her at guard and Stricklen is a major plus on the glass.
  • Ballhandling - Consider this the opposite of rebounding. While Stricklen is unlikely to play point in the pros, she's capable enough as a ballhandler to play two-guard and her playmaking is an asset for a small forward.
  • Consistency - At times, Stricklen can disappear from games. She was held to single digits four times as a senior, including five points in a blowout loss at Notre Dame.
  • Finishing - If there's one area Stricklen could stand to improve in the WNBA, it's her two-point percentage. She made 48.2 percent of her shots inside the arc for her career and 47.8 percent as a senior, which is on the low side considering her size and skills.

"Extremely versatile perimeter player. A natural three that can play positions one through four. Great size and length for a perimeter player."

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