2005 WNBA Mock Draft v. 2.0

Kevin Pelton, storm.wnba.com | Apr. 15, 2005
Taking a look at each team's needs and the best players available, storm.wnba.com predicts who will end up going where tomorrow. This mock draft is for recreational use only, and always keep in mind storm.wnba.com's mock draft guarantee: All predictions wrong or your money back. (See, you don't pay anything to read this you get the picture.)

G Tan White
Recent mock drafts have been split between Janel McCarville and Tan White. It certainly could go either way, but I think Trudi Lacey may have dropped a hint with her talk about improving the Sting's offense in a recent Q&A; White will do more in terms of scoring punch than McCarville. Incidentally, that thinking is arguably wrong; while the Sting was last in the WNBA in points per game in 2004, that was because of the snail pace Charlotte played at; on a per-possession basis, the Sting was actually better on offense than defense.
F/C Janel McCarville
You can sum up thinking about this pick thusly: Whichever of White or McCarville the Sting doesn't take.
C Sandora Irvin
If the first two picks play out like everyone expects them to, this pick is basically a no-brainer. Irvin is a perfect fit for a Mercury team looking to improve its interior defense. Kamila Vodichkova isn't a shot-blocker, but Irvin blocks enough for two or three people.
F Kendra Wecker
The third consecutive no-brainer pick. The Silver Stars need a small forward who can shoot, and Kendra Wecker is that small forward.
G Temeka Johnson
Current thinking has it that if the 'Fantastic Four' go in order, as expected, the Comets will go point guard, and likely for Johnson. Given Van Chancellor's taste in point guard, this just makes too much sense for it to happen.
G Dionnah Jackson
Jackson's stock has slipped in recent mock drafts, but I still think this pick makes sense for her. Washington has been loading up on interior players, signing Charlotte Smith-Taylor and trading for Iciss Tillis, but the Mystics have yet to address their needs in the backcourt. It says here they'll do that with this pick, and Jackson is the only guard who makes sense for them.
C Kara Braxton
With Tillis in Washington, the inside becomes an even bigger need for Bill Laimbeer and company. If the Draft plays out like this, the Shock will have plenty of options at center. I like them going for the talent of Braxton and looking to mold her into a productive WNBA player who could form a very effective duo with Ruth Riley in the middle.
C Sancho Lyttle
Back to the center position, presumably, whether this pick stays in Connecticut or is bound elsewhere in a trade. With Braxton left on the board for the Shock, that allows Lyttle to slip to the Sun, who are happy to add her rebounding prowess and potential.
G Roneeka Hodges
When I had Hodges here in the first incarnation of the mock draft, I described it as a "Wild Card" pick. Now, with Hodges stock moving up after she apparently played well in the WNBA Pre-Draft Camp, that description no longer applies. The reasoning still makes sense; the Monarchs need shooters, and Hodges is the best one left.
C Katie Feenstra
Yes, yes, you've heard it before - Feenstra goes from Liberty to the Liberty! Center probably isn't really a need for New York with Ann Wauters and Elena Baranova in place, but Baranova has played as much power forward as center in her career and New York could stand to upgrade its front line. At this point, Feenstra qualifies as pretty good value.
F Jacqueline Batteast
The Lynx say that, with Kristi Harrower back in the fold, they're not picking a point guard. I'm not sure I agree with their thinking, but I'll take them at their word. Tanisha Wright might be the best available wing at this point, but she duplicates the defense Tasha Butts and Amanda Lassiter already bring to the table. Butts could be reunited with Tennessee teammate Shyra Ely or Minnesota could go for Batteast, who brings a more physical presence to the perimeter.
F Shyra Ely
Ely is another player who has improved her stock, according to the scuttle out there on the Internet, so she's good value for the Storm. The thinking continues to basically be Best Player Available for the Storm. That could mean several directions for this pick, depending on how the first 11 go.
F Kristen Mann
Will Laimbeer consider going with hometown girl Kristin Haynie? He assumedly has to at least think about it. But Niele Ivey was just added to back up the point. That moves Chandi Jones to the two and leaves the Shock needing a backup 3/4. Mann is the best player to fill that role. Surprisingly dropping out of the first round in this mock: Haynie and Wright. I guess I'm biased against the Big Ten.