The Fantasy League pits Storm employees and the media covering the team to find out who's the best fantasy player. The rules are simple: eight players per team, regardless of position, accumulate points using the Efficiency Rating System (PTS + REB + AST + STL + BLK - (FGA - FGM) - (FTA - FTM) - TO). Teams are allowed up to two players on the injured list (if injured in real life), but can only make roster changes every two weeks, when scores are updated.

The participants:

  • Mark Bergin of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  • David Locke, the Storm's radio play-by-play announcer
  • Elise Woodward, the Storm's radio color commentator
  • Scott Engelhardt of
  • Karen Bryant, the Storm's Chief Operating Officer
  • Mike Bellerive, the Storm's Interactive Marketing Manager
  • Kevin Pelton, the Storm's Interactive Marketing Coordinator

    This group drafted out players on May 19 in preparation for the season. The results of the draft and current team rosters follow. Be sure to stay tuned to all season long to see how the league shapes up. If you want to take part in all the fantasy fun, join the WNBA's official fantasy league, WNBA Virtual GM.


    Team    PTS 9/18  Hi Scorer
    Kevin  3504   58  24 - Baranova
    Karen  3239   40  15 - Dales-Schuman
    Mark   2764   59  25 - DeForge
    Locke  2749   85  38 - Catchings
    Elise  2723   45  17 - Taurasi
    Mike   2664   36   7 - 4 players
    Scott  2244   30  10 - Feaster


    7-31: David Locke signs Nicole Powell and releases Agnieszka Bibrzycka.
    7-24: Mark Bergin signs Kelly Schumacher and places Janell Burse on the injured list.
    7-21: Karen Bryant signs Chasity Melvin and releases Deanna Jackson.
    7-19: Mark Bergin signs Kedra Holland-Corn and places DeLisha Milton-Jones on the injured list.
    7-19: Mike Bellerive signs Murriel Page and releases Nicole Powell.
    7-14: David Locke signs Stephanie White and places Ann Wauters on the injured list.
    7-5: Elise Woodward actives Tina Thompson and signs Dawn Staley and releases Kara Lawson and DeMya Walker.
    7-5: Mike Bellerive signs Sheila Lambert and places Marie Ferdinand on the injured list.
    7-5: David Locke signs Ann Wauters and releases Svetlana Abroismova.
    7-2: David Locke signs Agnieszka Bibrzycka and places Elaine Powell on the injured list.
    6-29: David Locke signs Plenette Pierson and releases Tari Phillips.
    6-28: David Locke signs Svetlana Abrosimova and releases Plenette Pierson.
    6-21: Elise Woodward signs Tiffani Johnson and Kristen Rasmussen, places Tina Thompson on the Injured List and releases Olympia Scott-Richardson.
    6-21: David Locke signs Elaine Powell and releases Kedra Holland-Corn.
    6-11: David Locke signs Plenette Pierson and releases Svetlana Abrosimova.
    6-7: Karen Bryant signs Stacey Dales-Schuman and Deanna Jackson and releases Merlakia Jones and Kristen Rasmussen.
    6-7: David Locke signs Svetlana Abrosimova and releases Chasity Melvin.
    6-7: Scott Engelhardt signs Charlotte Smith-Taylor, Tamicha Jackson and Teresa Edwards and releases Edna Campbell, Elaine Powell and Nicole Powell.
    6-7: Kevin Pelton activates LaToya Thomas from the Injured List and releases Ann Wauters.
    6-7: Mike Bellerive signs Wendy Palmer and Nicole Powell and releases Coco Miller and Adrian Williams .
    6-2: David Locke signs Kedra Holland-Corn and releases DeTrina White.
    6-1: David Locke signs DeTrina White and releases Gwen Jackson.
    5-22: David Locke signs Gwen Jackson and releases Deanna Jackson.


    No surprise: In the Storm's league, Jackson was the first pick.
    Jeff Reinking/NBAE/Getty
    Round 1
    Kevin	Lauren Jackson, SEA
    Mark	Chamique Holdsclaw, WAS
    Karen	Lisa Leslie, LAS
    Mike	Swin Cash, DET
    Locke	Tamika Catchings, IND
    Scott	Sheryl Swoopes, HOU
    Elise	Tina Thompson, HOU
    Round 2
    Elise	Diana Taurasi, PHO
    Scott	Katie Smith, MIN
    Locke	Nykesha Sales, CT
    Mike	Natalie Williams, IND
    Karen	Ruth Riley, DET
    Mark	Mwadi Mabika, LAS
    Kevin	Nikki Teasley, LAS
    Round 3
    Kevin	Cheryl Ford, DET
    Mark	Tammy Sutton-Brown, CHA
    Karen	Merlakia Jones, DET
    Mike	Marie Ferdinand, SAS
    Locke	Alana Beard, WAS

    Locke is betting on a strong debut for Beard.
    Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty
    Scott	Edna Campbell, SAC
    Elise	Sue Bird, SEA
    Round 4
    Elise	Margo Dydek, SAS
    Scott	Nicole Powell, CHA
    Locke	Tari Phillips, NYL
    Mike	Tangela Smith, SAC
    Karen	Ticha Penicheiro, SAC
    Mark	Becky Hammon, NYL
    Kevin	Michelle Snow, HOU
    Round 5
    Kevin	LaToya Thomas, SAS
    Mark	Anna DeForge, PHO
    Karen	Taj McWilliams-Franklin, CON
    Mike	Andrea Stinson, CHA
    Locke	Tamika Williams, MIN
    Scott	Allison Feaster, CHA
    Elise	DeMya Walker, SAC
    Round 6
    Elise	Kamila Vodichkova, SEA

    Who plays small forward for the Liberty? There was disagreement.
    Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty
    Scott	Crystal Robinson, NYL
    Locke	Chasity Melvin, WAS
    Mike	Tamecka Dixon, LAS
    Karen	Adrienne Goodson, SAS
    Mark	DeLisha Milton-Jones, LAS
    Kevin	Katie Douglas, CON
    Round 7
    Kevin	Vickie Johnson, NYL
    Mark	Asjha Jones, CON
    Karen	Betty Lennox, SEA
    Mike	Adrian Williams, PHO
    Locke	Kelly Miller, IND
    Scott	Elaine Powell, DET
    Elise	Olympia Scott-Richardson, CHA
    Round 8
    Elise	Kara Lawson, SAC
    Scott	Lindsay Whalen, CON
    Locke	Deanna Jackson, IND
    Mike	Coco Miller, WAS
    Karen	Kristen Rasmussen, IND
    Mark	Janell Burse, SEA
    Kevin	Ann Wauters, NYL

    Kevin Pelton's roster

    Name Pos Team
    Lauren Jackson PF SEA
    Nikki Teasley PG LAS
    Cheryl Ford PF DET
    Michelle Snow C HOU
    LaToya Thomas PF SAS
    Katie Douglas SG CON
    Vickie Johnson SG NYL
    Elena Baranova C NYL

    Mark Bergin's roster

    Name Pos Team
    Chamique Holdsclaw PF WAS
    Mwadi Mabika SF LAS
    Tammy Sutton-Brown C CHA
    Becky Hammon PG NYL
    Anna DeForge SG PHO
    Kedra Holland-Corn SG HOU
    Asjha Jones PF CON
    Kelly Schumacher C IND
    Janell Burse (IL) C SEA
    DeLisha Milton-Jones (IL) PF LAS

    Karen Bryant's roster

    Name Pos Team
    Lisa Leslie C LAS
    Ruth Riley C DET
    Stacey Dales-Schuman SG WAS
    Ticha Penicheiro PG SAC
    Taj McWilliams-Franklin C CON
    Adrienne Goodson SF SAS
    Betty Lennox SG SEA
    Chasity Melvin C WAS

    Mike Bellerive's roster

    Name Pos Team
    Swin Cash SF DET
    Natalie Williams PF IND
    Sheila Lambert PG HOU
    Tangela Smith PF SAC
    Andrea Stinson SG CHA
    Tamecka Dixon SG LAS
    Wendy Palmer PF CON
    Murriel Page PF WAS
    Marie Ferdinand (IL) SG SAS

    David Locke's roster

    Name Pos Team
    Tamika Catchings PF IND
    Nykesha Sales SF CON
    Alana Beard SG WAS
    Stephanie White SG IND
    Tamika Williams PF MIN
    Plenette Pierson PF PHO
    Kelly Miller PG IND
    Nicole Powell SF CHA
    Elaine Powell (IL) PG DET
    Ann Wauters (IL) C NYL

    Scott Engelhardt's roster

    Name Pos Team
    Sheryl Swoopes SF HOU
    Katie Smith SG MIN
    Charlotte Smith-Taylor PF CHA
    Tamicha Jackson PG WAS
    Allison Feaster SF CHA
    Crystal Robinson SF NYL
    Teresa Edwards PG MIN
    Lindsay Whalen PG CON

    Elise Woodward's roster

    Name Pos Team
    Tina Thompson PF HOU
    Diana Taurasi PG PHO
    Sue Bird PG SEA
    Margo Dydek C SAS
    Tiffani Johnson PF HOU
    Kamila Vodichkova C SEA
    Kristen Rasmussen SF IND
    Dawn Staley PG CHA