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Kevin Pelton, | August 11, 2009

For Seattle Storm Season Ticket Holder Camille Watts and her daughters, Storm games have always been a family affair. Watts' oldest daughter, Nailah, was a year old during the Storm's inaugural season and has been attending games ever since, while her other daughter, Imaryiah - now four - came to her first game two months after she was born.

"A close friend of mine and I decided to support the Seattle Storm when we found out we were getting a team," explains Watts. "We both had young daughters who were maybe a year old at the time, so we thought it was a good idea to support women's sports because one day our daughters might want to play."

Storm Season Ticket Holder Camille Watts and her daughters on vacation.
Courtesy Camille Watts

It didn't take long for Watts to get hooked on Storm basketball, especially because of the game experience at KeyArena.

"I just liked the family atmosphere of it," she says. "I'm a big fan of sports in general, especially basketball. It was different. I've gone to Mariners, Seahawks, Sonics, everything. It's a different feel. It's more family-oriented, a fun, welcoming atmosphere. I don't second-guess about bringing my children to games and thinking they wouldn't enjoy it because I knew they would, and of course they do."

The Storm's players serve as role models for her daughters.

"It's nice to see strong, confident, positive women who are doing good things in the community, who are successful in their careers," says Watts. "I believe that's what they enjoy about it."

Having moved a couple of times since the Storm's inaugural season, Watts has now settled in section 115 - despite planning to change seats this season.

"I like where I sit now more than I have any other spot I've sat in," she says. "I was supposed to sit somewhere else this year, I changed my seats, but then I missed them so bad the first game I was lucky enough to switch back. The row in front of me, my row and the row behind me, we all talk to each other."

What are your favorite memories from Storm games?
One day I had brought a niece with me, so I had my two little ones and a niece who was slightly older than them and they were sitting courtside before the game. Lauren (Jackson) and Sue (Bird) were shooting around and somehow a ball rolled over to my youngest, who was one or two at the time. Sue was playing with her, telling her to roll the ball back. Then Sue would roll it back to her. They did that a couple of times. I thought that was cute.

At the Meet the Team event, I think it was in 2006, Wendy Palmer was there. I had both of my kids and some cousins there with me who were also Season Ticket Holders at that time. I was holding my daughter, and next thing I know Wendy walks up and wants to take her from me. She actually did, and my daughter had her head on her shoulder - you would think she was going to go to sleep. She was that comfortable with her.

Who have been your favorite Storm players?
Sue and Lauren are my favorites. As far as maybe somebody who's not still with the team, one of my favorites is Simone (Edwards), so it was good to see her back.

How about your daughters?
My youngest, who is four, her favorite is Lauren. My oldest, who is 11, her favorite is Swin (Cash).

What is your favorite part of Storm games besides the action on the court?
I like the intros, because everybody's getting all jazzed up and excited. We usually have something on the jumbotron, something good to get the crowd going and excited. Sometimes, because I sit behind the visitors' bench, I'll look down at the players on the visiting team and they're all looking at the jumbotron. It just gets me going. I like that part of it.

Complete this sentence: I'm a Storm fan because ...
I'm a fan of all sports, but when it comes to the Storm, I think that's one organization that truly cares about their fans. I've gone to every sports team Seattle has had, and it seems like the atmosphere really does cater to the fans and what the fans want to see. They know what their fans want and they try to give their fans what they want to see - that goes from the ownership all the way down to even the players, whereas other sports you don't see it as much.