2009 NGWSD Essay Contest Winner - Carlie Ann Marie Brewer

Athletics are a big part of my life; I would be lost without them. I mainly play basketball, but I like a lot of other sports too. One way athletics has impacted my life is they have made me feel more comfortable in my new town. Sports and athletics are a huge part of my life and have helped me in many ways.

I used to live in Arizona but I moved to Washington in September of 2008. We had to move because my dadís business was shut down and we were running out of money. I was absolutely appalled. I hated moving so much and I was so angry at my parents for making me do it. But, as soon as my dad found a job here, he gathered up enough money to put me in a select basketball program. I made the team and was so thankful to my parents for spending the money that they did to help me do the thing I love. When I started practicing and started playing games, I started to like Washington. I started feeling like I belonged. That happened whenever I played basketball, and it felt good. Every time I dribble down the court, or make my layups, it makes all my worries fly away.

After playing for my select team for a little bit, my school teamís season was coming up. I had been feeling lonely at school. Everyone already had their ďgroupĒ and I was just the new girl. So, I thought maybe the basketball team could help me forget about my stress of my new school. Sure enough, when I made the team my whole life turned upside down. I made friends that like me for me, and I get to do what I love. To me, it is the best part about moving here.

Now, I have only mentioned my love for basketball, but I have played many sports through my 12 years of living. When I was little, I played baseball and soccer for my church. And as I got older, I got better at each thing I did. I had finally found my thing: sports. Although I was good at school, nothing made me more excited than when I was on the field or court playing. I had a best friend in Arizona, her name was Megan, and she and I met during the sports program at our church. We have been just like sisters ever since. We are still very close, even though I live so far away. I love her and am glad that sports brought us together.

As you can see, sports and athletics have helped me through a lot. Playing in my school and select basketball teams have been great experiences, and I met my best friend through playing sports. Iím proud to be a part of National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

Carlie Ann Marie Brewer
8-13 Winner