jen (Cali): What kind of positions are you looking to draft? Where are your needs?

Dan Hughes: I see two big needs. One is in the post area, and the other is in perimeter shooting. I'd weigh them equally as far as priority so those two areas will be spots where we will be looking in the draft.

Kim (Texas): What are the chances that we see some draft-day trades?

Dan Hughes: I think that is very likely, to be honest with you. It seems that with the new collective bargaining agreement, we have increased likelihood of trades, which usually happen during Draft Day. We'll probably see more Draft Day trades than in the past.

Maria (Dallas): What are your thoughts on Minnesota's Janel McCarville?

Dan Hughes: I think McCarville, in many people's minds, is probably the top pick. I think she has the strength, the mobility and the skill to to be a top player in this league. She has strength, mobility and skill, which is a very, very rare package.

Kansas City: I loved you as a head coach in Cleveland. I'm excited about you being in San Antonio. how has Marie Ferdinand rebounded from her injury?

Dan Hughes: Excellently. She is playing in Turkey right now and seems to be not only healthy, but playing well and improving. I've talked to her frequently and she is a real key for us, to be healthy and on the court.

Deana Dye: Dan, Hi! Happy 50th Birthday today! Best of luck to you and the Silver Stars this season! From your sister, Deana

Dan Hughes: That's my sister! Thanks so much, I'll take my present for my 50th on Draft Day! (Laughing)

Manhattan: Could you comment on the talents of Kendra Wecker in the WNBA, and where a player like Laurie Koehn might fit in the draft.

Dan Hughes: Kendra Wecker is a player who brings alot. I think she will be more of a three in our league, instead of a four, but she has the skills to contribute in our league. Her efficiency as an offensive player will make her a good player in our league. With regards to Laurie, she is one of the purest shooters I've seen come into a our league in a while. Her ability to shoot the ball will give her opportunities in our league.

Carl (TX): Hey Coach, How far have your scouting trips taken you? And how many women have you scouted this year?

Dan Hughes: (Laughing) Well, I took over here in January and I wanted to get acquainted with the draft class quickly. I sound like a Steve Martin and John Candy movie, but I've traveled by car, train and plane all over this country from big cities to the plains of Kansas. I can't even tell you how many people we've seen, and then when you add in the video tapes and TV games, there hasn't been one day since I took the job that I haven't been looking at players.

Kelly (NM): Hey Coach, I was wondering what the deal was with international scouting in the WNBA? How is that done?

Dan Hughes: That's a good question. We have a scout who travels alot in Europe watching players, which is not uncommon in our league. Also tapes and DVDs are very helpful, it's a form of evaluation in addition to the trips. Technology is pretty advanced now, so either videotape or DVD is used alot.

Michael (Indianapolis): It was a nice surprise running in to you at the Final Four. Welcome back, you were missed! Are there any former WNBA coaches that you would like to see return to the league? Good luck this season - except for when you play Indiana!

Dan Hughes: There are, to be honest. It's always pleasing to see people get spots. Mary Meadors, who I worked with in Charlotte is a great person. Richie Adubato is a great coach, we had some classic matchups with New York and Richie. I enjoy Nancy Lieberman too. The other would be Greg Williams, who was at Utah and Detroit. All my staff are great too. Brian Agler from my staff is a great basketball coach.

Charnette-Racine, WI: I heard that you acquired Keisha Anderson. How affective do you think she will be to the team and what can we expect from her.

Dan Hughes: She's a player that has been around a few teams and we're excited to have her in camp. I've played against her, but never coached her, so we will get to know her in training camp. Most of my experience with her is competing against her, it will be interesting to see how she does in camp.

Matt (Sandusky, OH): Which draft from the past is most comparable to the upcoming 2005 WNBA Draft?

Dan Hughes: I would say 2001. I was at Cleveland and we took Penny Taylor and there were some other good players in that draft. This is an average draft, not a weak draft, but an average draft. I think there is potential in the Top 10 for a player drafted later to make the same impact as someone drafted much higher.

Penny (Dallas): Where do you think the Silver Stars are heading this year? Playoffs? More?

Dan Hughes: I always think in terms of playoffs, whether you are in Year 1 or Year 4. I know we have a lot of ground to cover, but that is where our mindset is. We're thinking playoffs here.

Dan Hughes: I appreciate the interest in the Silver Stars and the Draft. To me the Draft signifies and exciting period to start off WNBA basketball and I feel very blessed to be a part of it again.