Love of the All-Star Game: Vickie Johnson

First All-Star Game in the WNBA was in New York. Rebecca Lobo was set to start but she was injured and I was her replacement. I came off the bench and I didnít really know what it was like to do that so I just stood around the whole time until it was time for me to come in.

I finally had my chance to sub in and the atmosphere, the excitement and the great players just made it a great and almost overwhelming experience. Here I am, Iím experienced and Iím playing in New York where the fans love me and I take my first shot. I make it and the crowd goes wild. That just gave me energy to play.

The All-Star experience is just the best experience to play with the top players in the league and it just makes you want to show everyone that you really can play. It also brings out the feeling that you deserve to be there and belong in that same realm as all these players.

I love All-Star and being selected is an individual accomplishment but it has nothing to do with personal goals really. Itís just a way to be appreciated by the fans and the coaches.

Itís nice to have your hard work recognized and when you are recognized by players and coaches it feels good. For me itís especially nice because most of the stuff I did never really showed up in the stats. You had to really watch me and know what my game was to put me on the team. But I know both as a starter and replacement on the team I really deserved to be there and I really loved it.