Q101.9 Inspiring Women Contest Finalists

Congratulations to our five finalists for the Q101.9 Inspiring Women Contest. Please vote for your choice as a Silver Stars Inspiring Woman. The winner will receive tickets to the June 24 Inspiring Women Night against the Los Angeles Sparks for their family, an invitation to an exclusive pregame reception and will be recognized on the court during the game.

Monica Bonilla, nominated by her daughter Marisa

"Monica Bonilla has extended herself above and beyond in the city of San Antonio. As an attorney for Catholic Charities she has advocated for a countless number of young women, the elderly, and adults in and around the community. She is a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a native of San Antonio, an advocate, a giver, a listener, and most importantly, a friend to everyone she meets."

Elizabeth Garcia, nominated by her son Anthony

"My mother did everything she could to give me the best. She worked three jobs, overcame abuse and poverty to give us new supplies for school every year. She raised four kids including three additional step kids. When it came to school she pushed us to reach our full potential. I graduated in the top 10 percent thanks to her."

Rosa Lopez, nominated by her grand daughter Tracee

"My grandmother is a worker at Inner City Development, she works year round helping to feed and cloth the homeless and those families in need. She helps out my school's socialworker by providing clothes for several children at my school. She inspires young women like myself and my friends to be a strong healthy woman."

Kathy O'Connor, nominated by her friend Julie Prescott

"Kathy O'Connor has led a remarkable 25 year career with San Antonio Police Department. One that has been marked with tragedy and many outstanding accomplishments. During this 25 year career as a police officer, she has never taken a single minute of sick leave."

Elizabeth Schleigh, nominated by her daughter Stephanie

"My mother, Elizabeth, has been the inspiration for my strength. I was diagnosed with cancer in 1988 when I was three years old and she was only 23. She has beena constant presence in my life, she is always there supporting me and encouraging me to keep going while respecting that at times I am tired."